How to Find Out Who Secretly Logged Into Your Windows Computer

Windows System Log - Find Out Who Secretly Logged Into Your Windows Computer

Have you ever thought to check windows system log or to know who logged into your computer and when? Actually, it is possible and users just need to enable logon auditing to track which user accounts to log in and when.

If you have multiple user accounts on your Windows computer then you might find this feature very useful because you can track both local logins and network logins. You will also get to know time when login took place. Moreover, you can also see when users logged off. So let’s know how to enable logon auditing and track login.

How to Check Windows System Log

If your laptop is accessed by many people like your Friends, family members or relatives etc then this method can benefit you to check when they log in into your computer and how much time they spend on it etc. Let’s follow the steps to learn this method.

First of all, type “gpedit.msc” in start menu and hit enter.


Now browse to following folder: Local Computer Policy –> Computer Configuration –> Windows Settings –> Security Settings –> Local Policies –> Audit Policy.

Audit Policy

Now you need to double click on Audit Logon event and then check “Success” and “Failure” and click on OK.

Success and Failure

Now you need to type “Event Viewer” on start menu and hit enter.

Event Viewer

Now navigate to: Windows logs –> Security.

Windows logs – Security

Now you need to look for events with event ID 4624 (4624 represent successful login events).

look for events

You can double click on events to know time and some extra details about login.

click on events

That’s it! you are done. This is easiest way to track all login attempts in your Windows computer. Hope you like this article! Share it with your friends too. If you are facing any issue on attempting any of steps mentioned above then feel free to share with us in comment section below.

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