How to Use an Android Phone as Webcam For Computer

How to Use an Android Phone as Webcam For Computer

In today’s world, Computer is the basic need of every one to do lots of tasks in a quick and simple way. Most of the people has Desktop to perform their works but after Computer inventions there comes to us one more thing which is internet. Now a days, Internet becomes more popular than ever and people are using it for many purpose like work, education and connecting people etc.

When we comes to internet social world, People are usually involving in social world to connect with their relatives or new people. Sending something to others and chatting is as usual but What if We want to video call? or Want to chat live? then you need a Webcam. But Android phone solve this big issue and now We can also use our android phone as webcam on our PC with high quality of android camera.


Use an Android Phone as Webcam For Computer

There are many apps and software to use our android phone as webcam on computer but i am gonna share here the top 2 ways to use your android phone as webcam on your computer. so just take a look at these methods and follow the steps to use your android phone as webcam on your PC.

1. Use Android Phone As Webcam Using IP Webcam

First of all download and insrall IP Webcam application on your android phone. Also, installIP Camera Adapter on your Computer.

After that open installed IP Camera app on your phone and you will see many options like username, password, screen resolution and much more which you can adjust according to your choice. Now after doing so just click on Start Server.

Start Server

Note: This app uses back camera as default for better quality but you can also change camera mode to front but it will reduce your video quality.

Now when you click on start server, you will see an IP at bottom of mobile’s screen. Now open this IP in your mobile’s Chrome or Firefox browser. If none of this browser is installed on your Android phone and select Browser built-in viewer option.

Browser built-in viewer

Now open IP camera adapter on your PC. Now in “Camera feed URL” just enter your IP and port which you got from app you installed on your phone and remember don’t delete /video feed and then click on Autodetect.


That’s it ! you are done. Open any video conferencing application on your PC like Skype, Facebook messenger, Yahoo messenger and you will see video streaming on your PC from your android mobile phone.

2. Use Android Phone as Webcam through USB

You can use your Android phone as webcam even without WiFi. All you need to do is just to enable USB debugging mode on your Android phone. Let’s know how to do it.

First of all, you need to enable debugging mode on your Android device (Settings > Apps> Developer options> USB debugging)

USB debugging

Now you need to download and install DroidCam from Google Play store on your Android device.

install DroidCam

Now connect your phone to your computer via USB and then let your computer install required drivers in PC ( You can manually install OEM drivers by clicking on this link)

Now you need to download and install Dev47apps client on your Windows PC.

Dev47apps client

After installing client, you will get to see screen like below.

get to see screen like below

Now simply select “USB” icon just behind WiFi in your windows client and then click on “Start”.


That’s it ! If everything went right, you will get to see camera of your Android device on your PC and you can use it as a webcam too. You can even visit Droid47apps connect page to know more about it.

Droid47apps connect page

By this easy trick, you can easily turn your android camera into a webcam. You can easily record your phone and capture every moment in your computer browser and with the help of mentioned adapter. I hope this will help you a lot of thanks for reading this. If you are facing any problem then just comment it below.

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