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How to Use Your Android Phone as a Wireless Flash Drive for Windows or Mac

Use Your Android Phone as a Wireless Flash Drive

If you are considering to copy up your files from Android device to Windows or Mac then you know that it is pretty simple to do that, just connect up the Android device to computer using up the data cable and hence drag and drop all your files and folders or just copy paste it all. For this process, you would need a wired connection between your computer and Android device but what if you are willing to do that whole process in a wireless manner.

Yes, you can actually transfer up your data from Android to Windows or Mac, just via wireless connection and by this I doesn’t mean Bluetooth connection (It’s damn slow) but I’m talking about great new method i.e Flash transfer in which you could make up the Android act like a wireless Flash drive.

This method is very very convenient to be used and the process also helps to transfer up files or data to computer at great speed! To know about this method, through which you can also convert your Android device into a Wireless Flash Drive and hence transfer up data to Windows or Mac, just read out this article!

Turn Android into a Wireless Flash Drive for Windows or Mac

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow simple guide to turning your android into wireless flash drive for your mac or Windows. So follow below guide to proceed.

Steps To Turn Android into Wireless Flash Drive for Windows or Mac

To get started with the method, you will have to install up until the app named “Pocket share: Flash Drive / NAS” on your Android device. This app could be found on the Google Play Store so you won’t need to go through the websites to find it up.

Pocket share Flash Drive NAS

This step is meant for the Windows Users but Mac users need not apply this step on their device. This step is all about initial setup required on Windows for method to work and this isn’t needed on Mac PC.

In this step, you have to head towards settings menu inside the Pocketshare app on your Android device and from there click on Configure Windows option. After that, you need to get up URL by saving it from prompt message.

get up the URL

Open saved URL on your Windows computer using up any web browser and then proceeding web page which opened to you would see some kind of files listed. From that list, you have to select and download the ‘pocketshare_windows.bat’ file. Then rename the file to “Pocketshare.bat” and run it on your windows, you might be asked for some permissions so just grant these all.

You will notice that after execution of this file, Windows would be flashed and gets disappeared as soon. If that happened on your PC after execution of file then just restart your Windows and you are all done to set up Wireless sharing!

set up the Wireless sharing

Now before you start to share up files between your Mac or Windows and Android device note that both these devices have been connected to same Wi-Fi network.

To share up files first open Pocketshare app, the server will start automatically and you need to select your computer’s name under Devices tab in Finder’s sidebar.

select your computer’s name

If you are using Mac or Windows then head to My Computer from where you shall be able to see a network drive named “Pocketshare“, just double click drive to open it.

From windows panel that appears after that, you could easily transfer up files and folders to your Android device or vice-versa.


The files transferred from computer can be checked or received in Files tab of Pocketshare app from where you can open it up or save it top the storage option of your device.

Files tab of the Pocketshare app

Now after reading this article, you might have got up method through which Android can be turned into a Wireless Flash Drive for the Mac or Windows. This could be your best way to transfer up data from your Android to computer via wireless method and you would likely use it for every time you need to do up corresponding task.

If you haven’t tried up to this method yet then you would not be knowing about its amazing benefits, so to know that benefits just try out the method now!

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