How to Temporarily Lock Computer if Someone Tries to Guess PC Password

How to Temporarily Lock Computer if Someone Tries to Guess PC Password

Whatever the reason but people always want to check their nearby people computer. I don’t know why, they are so excited always to check someone personal things and to prevent these things operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac or other has also given an option to their user to lock computer by setting a password but these password doesn’t work always if the intruder is your relative, friends or someone who is close to you.

People can store anything in their computer to use it later including their personal or private data but some bullshit people has evil mind and they always want to access your personal data for many reasons so they try to guess your computer password to access your computer and off course they are close to you so they can easily guess the password and that’s why you need to increase your computer security. So how will you do that? Very simple just automatically lock computer temporarily if someone tries to guess your password.

Temporarily Lock Computer if Someone Tries to Guess Password

Here is the complete step-by-step guide to temporarily lock computer if someone tries to guess your computer password using CMD commands. The method is very simple and so easy that can be used to increase your computer security so let’s take a look at this computer security.

Steps to Temporarily Lock Computer if Someone Tries to Guess PC Password

Open command prompt window on your screen; this could be done through searching for app in start menu or just run window which could be accessed by pressing Win+R buttons of keyboard and then typing CMD and hit enter.


After that type command: “net accounts” in CMD window. It’ll show you current password policy which is by default “Lockoutthreshold: Never” which means that your account would not be locked no matter how many times your windows password is filled incorrectly.

net accounts

Now enter another command: “net accounts /Lockoutthreshold:3” This command will set limit for incorrect password filling on Windows and after that limit, Windows would be locked automatically. Here in this command, we have set limit to 3, but you can also change it in command.


To set lock duration for Windows after filling incorrect password, just type another command in CMD panel : “net accounts /lockoutduration:30“. The set time will be in minutes and you could also set it to your needs in command. This command would make up duration of 30 minutes.


That’s all; your windows will be locked automatically every time when users exceeds their limit of setting password filling time and duration. This would be hence great step to make your PC more protected from unknown users.


This is great way to protect your computer from unauthorised access and to protect your computer personal or private data. I hope you like this article and please don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other.

If you have any query related to this method then simple leave a comment bellow this the comment section.

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