How To Remove Computer Virus From Computer Using Rescue USB Drive

How To Remove Computer Virus From Computer Using Rescue USB Drive

Computer virus, malware or keylogers are common things now a days to breach user security by bad hackers or crackers. These are the unwanted programs that infects your computer programs or software so that you will be unable to access these programs or if you use these infected programs then it may leak your confidential information so we always need to remove computer virus, malware or keyloger etc in a regular ways.

To remove computer virus, malware or keyloger, there are many best antivirus are available in the web but what if your Windows computer is not accessible due to infected viruses. But don’t worry, At that time you can use rescue disk to clean up your computer from viruses.

Setup Rescue USB Drive to Remove Computer Virus

Here, you will create a bootable antivirus USB drive that will run on your boot screen, scan all viruses and remove them and this will fix out many errors of your Windows. So have a look at complete steps discussed below.

1. Using Kaspersky Rescue Disk

First of all, connect a removable USB device to your computer.

connect a removable USB device to your computer

Now you need, to download ISO image of Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 and a special utility program.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10

Now launch utility software in your Windows.

launch the utility software

Now give path of ISO File of Kaspersky Rescue Disk there and select drive where you want to make it bootable, and hit install.

path of ISO File of Kaspersky Rescue Disk

After work of utility for recording is completed, Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk Manager window will open. Just click on Start button there and a process will start and your Rescue disk is ready.

Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk Manager

Now Restart computer with USB inserted and press F11 when computer started to boot your USB.

Restart computer with USB inserted and press F11

Now Kaspersky interface will appear, proceed till you find option to select from Graphic mode or Text mode, select graphic mode.

Kaspersky interface

Once Graphical User Interface fully loads onto the screen, you can perform a scan and remove all detected threats.

2. Using Bitdefender Rescue CD

Bitdefender Rescue CD is another best option you can opt in for. It can scan and disinfect an infected operating system that cannot start normally. Let’s know how to create Bitdefender Rescue CD and use it as a USB

Bitdefender Rescue CD

First of all, you need to download Stickifier using link given below.

Now open Stickifier and wizard will take you through the necessary steps. You will get to see two options “Download from internet” and “Select an existing ISO image”

You can download the ISO image from here.

Select an existing ISO image

Now if you have an ISO image then simply select option and then click “Next”. Now on next window, you need to provide target removable drive for Bitdefender Rescue CD files.

target removable drive

Now you need to plug in your flash drive and select drive letter from drop-down list. Now simply press “Next” installation process will start and wait for it to Finish.

That’s it ! After installation is complete, you need to click on Finish and your drive is now ready to be used on infected computer.

So above is all about to remove computer virus from your computer using rescue USB disk. With this, you can easily fix issues that cause your Windows to boot slower and also all viruses will get cleaned and your Windows performance will boost up. Hope you like method, do share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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