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How A Penetration Tester Can Benefit Your Business?

How A Penetration Tester Can Benefit Your Business

Every day, we hear the news of cyber security being compromised at some random network. Bad programs are developed and distributed continuously posing threat to your defences. However smart the security software is, there could be someone out there who can penetrate your system with ease.

Penetration testing is a common tool that helps in maintaining security though not many know what it does. Many organizations and businesses depend on this tool to prevent the possibility of hacking. Let us take a closer look at what penetration testing is.


What is penetration testing?

Pen tester

Also called pen testing, penetration testing is a form of hacking that is carried out in an organization ethically. The first step is to analyse the cyber security of the company and see if there is any vulnerability. The process is an interesting one where a simulated hacking attack is done against your IT infrastructure. This gives a deeper understanding of how strong your security mechanisms are.

There are many institutes that offer pen testing training. A certified tester tries to access your assets and information that are sensitive. If he is able to do so, it means that your system is vulnerable to attacks. This shows what will happen if an expert hacker attacks the network.

Although you have a good security team at your organizations, it would be wise to use the services of these testers who can tell you whether your system is completely protected. It is worth mentioning that your business will definitely benefit from pen testing.

Why hire a penetration tester?

Why hire a penetration tester

Given below are some of the reasons why you should stick to penetration testing with kali Linux every time you make changes to your system.

1. Find out the vulnerabilities

A good tester finds out the vulnerabilities of your infrastructure in minimum possible time. The number of risks identified depends on the proficiency of the tester, time duration of the test and other factors like network connectivity and system changes during the test. Usually, a pen test is more focused on the vulnerabilities that pose great threat. If none of such type is found, it looks into the medium and low risk ones. So, it is important to perform penetration tests periodically to ensure minimum risks.

2. Test your defences

When penetration testing is done, your organization’s defence mechanisms should be able to recognize the simulated attacks and respond in time. In addition when the attack is identified, the security team of your company should initiate an investigation and the tools used by the testers must be immediately blocked. When the protection devices like IDs are tested, automatic alerts must be generated and the necessary steps should be taken by the concerned people.

3. Enables business continuity

An attack on the company network not only results in data loss but, in business continuity too. Proper business operations require 24*7 network connectivity, customer access to your resources and many other facilities. Disruptions to these operations can cause loss to the company. But, some attacks done by the hackers bring your systems to a standstill and you will not be able to use the facilities anymore. Penetration testing ensures that the system is not vulnerable to these kinds of attacks.

4. Expert opinion

It is often seen that the management of a company does not respond appropriately to the problems that arise internally. Even if the security team alerts the top officials about security issues, problems like lack of funding come in their way. But when the opinion comes from a tester who has done kali Linux course, it is taken more seriously by the management. Mostly, this is sure to persuade the management to take more interest in the security issues and take steps to enable the company to lower the security risks.

5. Comply with regulations

Certain laws and certifications like ISO require that your company must do penetration testing against security threats. After the testing is done, it is necessary that proper measures are taken to eliminate all the vulnerabilities that exist. If this is not done timely, the test can be considered futile. The next test would again detect them and this is not so good for your company’s reputation.

6. Quality assurance

If your business handles consumer goods or other products depending on IT infrastructure, it is mandatory for you to maintain the quality always. Regular penetration testing assures this and improves your image in the market. Maintaining a good standard is inevitable if you want customers to notice you.

Being a penetration tester requires good skill set matching the requirements of IT companies. If the tester is good, the company has a lot of advantages if he is hired every time. It is recommended to carry out the testing whenever the system is updated so that there is minimal intrusion from outside.

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