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How to Lock Google Chrome with Password using Extension

How to Lock Google Chrome with Password

Browsers are the primary way to access web contents over the internet and Chrome is the fastest web browser having billions of users then Firefox and Internet explorer.

By default, Chrome browser accept cookies and save your history in their directory to make itself better user friendly. But these can be very harmful if accessed by unauthorised persons and hackers and that’s the reason you need to protect your Chrome browser too.

Steps to Lock Google Chrome with Password using Extension:

Chrome is also popular for their lot’s of good extensions and these Chrome extensions works like computer software. So now let’s learn How to lock Google Chrome with password using extension named Simple Startup Password.

Simple Startup Password Chrome extension for people who want to protect their browser information.

First, Open your Chrome browser and head over this link to open extension page. After that click on “Add to Chrome” to install this extension in your Chrome Browser.

Now it will ask you to verify your action, Just click on “Add extension” to verify your installation action.

After few seconds, This extension would be installed in your Chrome browser and then you can see a new icon at the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

Now just right click on the extension icon and then select the “Options” from the prompted menu.

You will be redirected to another page.

Now just enter your desired password here to protect your Chrome browser then hit save button.

You have successfully created passwords for your Chrome browser.

Now whenever you open your Chrome browser, It will ask you to enter your passwords to access your Chrome and Web.

This plugin is necessary in order to protect your browser from use by unauthorized persons. It’s simple: you enter the password, save it and all! Each time you start the browser will need this password if it does not introduce or set up in error – the browser immediately closes. You can change your password in the plugin settings.

WARNING! Do not lose or forget your password! “Remind” isn’t work! You’ll have to reinstall your browser!

Hope this article help you to lock Google Chrome with password. If you have any further query or suggestions then you can comment in the comment sections and Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media.

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