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How to Identify Fake Facebook Account Within 30 Seconds

Creating a fake Facebook account has become a trends now a days. Almost 30%-40% profiles on Facebook are fake and this number is anticipated to be increasing in future. After all Facebook is also a machine and it don’t easily identify the difference between real accounts and fake accounts.

Fake accounts on Facebook are mainly created with the intention to Spam all over Facebook and spread Virus. Many people create fake Girl’s Profiles to dupe some innocent Facebook Users too.

Tips to Identify a Fake Facebook Account:

The identification of fake Facebook account is entirely based on observation. All you have to observe before accepting the friend request or if you have already accepted some random friend requests how you can identify them.

1. Profile Picture

Identifying profile picture is the first tip in our list because whenever we get any friend request we see their profile picture generally. Most of the people uses Google searched images in their profile so If you have doubt on someone profile then just do reverse image search using Google.

Follow the steps to do reverse image search:

  • Download the person profile image
  • Go to Google image search.
  • Drag and drop the image to the search space.

Now you will get all the similar images that will help you to identify the person on the Facebook. If you don’t get any search results than the person may real.

2. Timeline

Take some time to check the person’s timeline because it tells a lot silently about the person.

Most of the time, People create a fake Facebook account with “Female” gender but it doesn’t mean that all female profile are fake.

Now you need to become a detective for some time. About me section can also help you to identify the fake Facebook account. If you get nothing/ fishy/ rubbish in about section then it’s a sign that the account is a fake.

For example, if somebody claims to have been born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but went to school in Mumbai, India, and now works for a car repair shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, then you have a good reason to suspect that account.

3. Photos

In fake Facebook account, You will get only few random photos in their profile picture.

Random photos means:

  • Celebrities Photos
  • Google Searched Images
  • Social media images

Try to check their photos sections to know more about them and If their photos section looks like fishy then the person may fake.

Also Think about your Facebook friends that you know are real. Many of them post lots of photos over time. They’ll post pictures of their kids, their extended family members and funny memes. Fake users rarely post a lot of photos.

4. Friends

You must check their friends list whether they have more Global or Local friends.

If they have more of local friends than the person is likely to be real however profile with lots of global friends are mostly fake account.

Even if account has very few friends than there are chances that the account is fake as the account was created not to connect with friends but for some other reason.

Here we have an infographic from Barracuda Labs which revolves around Fake Facebook accounts facts.

How many of your real Facebook friends have thousands of friends on Facebook? Chances are, not too many. On the flip side, if the account only has a few friends or zero, that is also a sign.

If you see a Facebook account with friends that number into thousands (or less than 10), the account could be fake. However, there are some real Facebook users who have that many friends (or not a lot), so don’t be hasty to jump to a conclusion about popular Facebook users.

5. Date of Birth

Well most of the fake profile creator uses 1st January as a date of birth while creating a Facebook account because it’s easy to remember.

Date of Birth helps you to reset your account password, If you forget by mistakes.

Now just search for friends, Who have birthday on 1st January then unfriend from your account friends list.

6. Activities

Many people who are on Facebook share a common trait: They use Facebook fairly regularly.

If you suspect a fake Facebook profile, check the recent activity on the user’s wall. If the user is performing various activities from time to time, such as posting updates, adding photos and getting tagged by friends, then it’s probably a real account.

On the other hand, if the timeline is strangely absent of any type of activity, you’re probably looking at a fake Facebook account.

Also, it can be a signal of a fake account if you see conversations that people would never have, like this Hi, Great photo, Thank you, You are great and Good day! etc.

7. Contact Numbers

We all know that most of the girls don’t show their contact information and keeps them private.

So you should not easily get sway by looking a beautiful pic of a girl!

Just check whether contact details are visible or not and if they are visible then chances are more that its a fake Facebook profile.

8. Girls Profile

Most of the Fake profiles are created with Girl Identity and with a Beautiful face as a Profile Picture.

You may even find Cell phone Number, Girls Hardly will Share her Contact number in Public as I have already said.

A Girl Profile with Lots of Friends and Followers also indicates a Fake Profile.

9. Mutual Friends

If you receive a Facebook friend request from somebody you don’t know that alone should be a red flag. However, it’s an even larger red flag if the two of you share no mutual friends.

Sometimes, people will send Facebook friend requests to people that they share mutual friends with, even if they don’t know the user personally.

It’s your call as to whether or not you want to accept those requests, but it’s not a good idea to accept a friend request from 1) somebody you don’t know and 2) somebody who shares no mutual friends with you. If both of those situations are true, it’s a sign you’re receiving an overture from a fake account.

10 Response

If you think that a Facebook account might be fake, send the user a private message. If you get no response, the account might be a fake.

Why? Because fake Facebook accounts are often created by bots that don’t send or respond to private messages. Non-responsiveness to messages is an excellent way to determine if a Facebook account is fake.

Final Words:

These are the few tips to identify the fake Facebook account which i wanna share with my visitors. If you have found any fake Facebook account then just unfriend, block and also report to the Facebook.

When you report a profile as a fake then Facebook can take a action for them, If received many reports about that account.

I hope this article helped you. If you have any further query or suggestions then you can comment bellow in the comment sections and also don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Other.

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