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10+ Working Ways to Download All Instagram Photos

How to Download All Instagram Photos

Instagram is a trending photo social networking site where People share their pictures online with their friends, families and colleges etc. By default Instagram does not allow you to download photos and videos of any user from its website or mobile app. It’s because of various reasons like misuse of people’s photos or videos for personal gain, or because it is copyright content but there are numerous way to do that easily.

Today, You are gonna learn various ways to download all Instagram photos one by one; with or without software, via online site, via apps etc. The all methods are so simple and easy to use. What you have to do is just follow the instructions described in this article.


1. Download All Instagram Photos From Any User Online

Last time, We have found a very interesting & helpful site; Instagram User album downloader is an online web application to download and save all Instagram photos & videos of a user (Instagram public account) to your device without installing any software.

1. Open & Login to your Instagram account and Now search for the user which photos & videos you want to download. Now open the user profile and select the URL of Instagram user.

Divyanganaa Jain

2. Now click here to open Instagram User album downloader web application. After that paste your copied URL of your targeted Instagram user to this site then click on “Download“.

Instagram User album downloader

When you click on Download, It’ll extracts all the Instagram photos & videos from the Instagram profile and show them to you just like you see on Instagram.

Divyanganaa Jain photos

You can decide which photos and videos you want to download, and you can download just by clicking on them.

2. Download All Instagram Photos without any software

This is a very simple trick using Google chrome on your Computer. You can also use other browser but Here to demo, We are using Google chrome browser. Remember the steps are identically for all the browser.

1. Open & login to your Instagram account. Now go to the target profile and Select which picture you want to download.

Now right click on that picture then click on “Inspect Element” from the popup menu.

Divyanganaa Jain selected pic

When you click on Inspect element, It’ll show some inspect element settings. You will see here automatically selected a line with blue color.

Now click on the triangle above the line.

Inspect Element

When you click on that triangle, It’ll extract the hidden code having the real URL of image with .jpg or .png extension.

Hidden codes

Now copy the URL and Paste on the URL on the URL field of the browser where you always enter website URL.

DJ Photo

Now right click on image then click on “Save image as…” then choose where you want to save the image.

Save image

Now you have successfully saved the Instagram user image. Follow the same steps again for next picture you want to save on your PC.

3. Download All Instagram Photos at Once using Chrome Extension

There are many chrome extension that can download all Instagram photos at once but Here I am demonstrating few of them one by one.

Here I will demostrate two chrome extension named “Download all images” and the second one is “Image Downloader“.

1. Download All Images

This extension is offered by sneeak. By using this chrome extension You can save all images in active tab as .zip file.

Easily save photos from Instagram, Google Images, facebook etc.

Now let’s download all photos from Instagram user using this extension.

1. First Click here and Install Download all Images extension by clicking on “Add to chrome“.

All Download Images

Now a prompt dialog box will appear in from of you asking to confirm your choice. just click on “Add extension” to install that extension on chrome browser.

Download All Images Confirm

When you have successfully installed this extension then You can see at the top right corner.

Now just go to targeted Instagram user images album then Click on the Extension icon to download all the images.

Download All Images Action

When you click on the extension icon, It will automatically download all the images in a zipped file (Remember: Scroll down at the End to download all the images).

Now extract the zip file using Winrar or other archive software to view all the pictures.

Saved Images

That’s it. You have saved all the Instagram picture album to your computer.

2. Image Downloader

It’s offered by Vladimir Sabev. Using this extension, You can browse and download images on a web page.

If you need to bulk download images from a web page, with this extension you can:

  • See images that the page contains and links to
  • Filter them by width, height, and URL; supports wildcard and regex
  • Optionally show only images from links
  • Select images to download by clicking on the image
  • Use dedicated buttons to download or open individual images in new tabs
  • Customize image display width, columns, border size, and color
  • Hide filters, buttons and notifications you don’t need

Now let’s try this extension to download all Instagram photos at once.

1. First click here to install this extension on Chrome browser. Now click on “Add to chrome“.

Add to chrome - Image downloader

Now After prompting new dialog box, Click on “Add extension” to install image downloader extension on Chrome browser.

Add to chrome - Image downloader

After successfully installation of this extension on Chrome, You can see new ion at the top right corner of your chrome browser.

Now just go to the targeted Instagram users photos album then Click on the extension icon then “Download“.

Image downloader - Icon

When you click on download, It will automatically download all the images on your computer. By default the stored location is your download folder.

Download Folder

That’s it. You have successfully saved the targeted photos on your device or computer.

4. Download All Instagram Pictures using Software

Free Instagram Downloader is a practical and reliable utility that helps you to download photos from Instagram effortlessly. Simply input the name of the user you want, view all the pictures in the main interface and download only the ones you are interested in.

Free Instagram Downloader Softpedia

The application comes with a user-friendly interface and does not require you to make any advanced configurations. Also, it supports batch downloading so you can select as many photos as you want and grab them onto your computer.

An interesting feature worth mentioning is that Free Instagram Downloader comes with a useful ‘Touch mode’ option, which can be useful if you have a device that has an electronic visual display.

After the application downloads the required images, it enables you to open the destination folder in order to make sure you download the right ones.

Download Free Instagram Downloader

To sum things up, Free Instagram Downloader is worth having when you need to download images from various Instagram users by simply specifying the username.

5. Download All Instagram Photos using Smartphone

There are mainly two types of operating system used by smartphone; Android and iOS.

I am listing here all the working apps that help you to download all Instagram photos on your Smartphone with few clicks.

1. Using Android Apps

There are many apps that helps you to download Instagram photos on your Android devices. Here I am not demonstrating all the apps because They are easy to use and When your install them, You will learn automatically how to use them to download all Instagram photos.

2. Using iPhone iOS Apps

There are many iOS apps that helps you to download Instagram photos on your iPhone. Here I am not demonstrating all the apps because They are easy to use and When your install them, You will learn automatically how to use them to download all Instagram photos.

Hope this article helped you to download all Instagram photo on your devices. If you have any further query & suggestion then do comments on the comment sections. Don’t forget to share this article on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and More.

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