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How to Block Email Address in Gmail

How to Block Email Address in Gmail

Gmail is my favorite Email service and I have been using it for almost last 9 years, when it was launched in beta. Now, Gmail is full of features, but there are many things which are not as simple as it should be for readers. If you ever tried to block email address in Gmail, you would know what I meant here. There is no one click button to block any Email address, and all you can find is Spam Email.

From last few days, I have got Emails from a hacked Email ID, and instead of hitting spam button Everytime, I wanted to quickly block that email address and stop receiving further Emails from that particular Email ID. In this article, I will quickly show you how I achieved this and how you can block any Email address in Gmail account of yours.

How to Block Email Address in Gmail

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t allow a quick solution to block a complete domain or address to block them. The only way to get rid of particular Email address to hit your Inbox is by using Gmail filter. You can set up filters to forward Email from a particular address to trash folder or; you can always apply a label and review them later.

Steps to Block Email Address in Gmail on The Web:

First of all, you need to login into your Gmail account where you want to block email address and there go to Settings by clicking on gear icon there.


Now there, click on Filters and Blocked Address, now you will see the blocked emails if you had done before otherwise click on create filter option there.

Filters and Blocked Address

Now you will see the box where you need to fill details for which you want to block emails and save it.

fill details

That’s it! You are done, email addresses will get blocked now.

Steps to Block Email Address in Gmail on Android:

First of all, open the Gmail app on your Android and open the email whose sender you want to block.

Now click on 3 dotted button there which will open the drop down options, there simply click on block “Sender_name”.


That’s it! Now you will not receive any email from that sender.

I hope this tutorial helped you to block Email address in Gmail and somehow it’s good that Gmail never added this option in Gmail, as depending upon your Emotions, mood or kind of Emails you are receiving, One click Email block button may be bad for users.

Do let me know, what all things you do with Gmail filters and for what reasons you usually block an Email address?

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