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How to Become an Ethical Hacker ( Also Known as White Hat Hacker )

How to Become an Ethical Hacker

Sadly, I am editing this 3000 words article about How to become an ethical hacker because people are getting confused with too many options and readings. Here, I am making it simple as it is possible so that you can start your ethical hacking journey in a easy way.

A lot’s of people are still confused with the term Hacker, Ethical Hacker, Cracker, Black Hat hacker, White Hat Hacker, Grey Hat Hacker, Script Kiddies and more. I will not go in deep with them.


There is one main term is HACKER?

Do you know What is a Hacker and Who is a Hacker?

I know, You will say. Yes but I wanna tell you, You will be still confused about them.


Here, I am not challenging your knowledge but just sharing my knowledge and experience so BE COOL and let me continue this topic step by step about to become an ethical hacker.

In computing, a Hacker is any skilled computer expert that uses their technical knowledge to overcome a problem. While “hacker” can refer to any computer programmer, the term has become associated in popular culture with a “security hacker”, someone who, with their technical knowledge, uses bugs or exploits to break into computer systems. [Source: Wikipedia]

So easy to understand this definition from Wikipedia but people are still searching for How to become a hacker?

OK! DON’t be ANGRY AGAIN. Let me explain my words in a simple way.

I wanna say, If you have any kind of good skills in Computer to solve some problems then you are a hacker. Skills can be anything like Programming and computer savvy etc.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker

Now as I have said above that If you have any kind computer skills then you are a Hacker. You may be HAPPY but you are still CONFUSED because 90% people in this world think that Hacker only do illegal activity.


Let me give you an example of myself after explaining Who am I?

I am Vishal Rana and Generally people call me HubbyHacker in this internet world. I am the founder of TheHackerSolutions and The VisRana Post. I am a Gray hat hacker, Information security researcher, Computer security expert, Professional blogger and Internet Marketer.

Now let’s CONTINUE to the topic,

Few years back after completing my Engineering, I moved in Hacking field. I joined Basic classes and Advanced and then Expert classes. But the most important thing I have learned in these classes is You have to be more practical than ever.

Off Course! Practice makes a Man perfect.

Now the interesting part is coming here so shit tight.

After doing lot’s of practice and After getting CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKER certificate. I was confident and believe that Now I am an Ethical Hacker and I told to my family members.

Now comes to the REACTIONS among these family members What they said to me.

1st Uncle: So now you are gonna steal money from Banks.

2nd Uncle: Now you are involving in illegal activity.

3rd Uncle: Send me $100000 in my account.

Maternal Father: Do whatever you want 🙁 (Angry mood) because you won’t listen me.

Wow! That’s great talk.

Now after listening these words, What my Parents said?

Mom: You want to go in Jail?

Papa: Stop doing this bullshit things, Whatever it is? Just apply for bank post.

and Blah! Blah! Blah!

Now you will say this is your family thinking only. So Let’s take another example which is about my friends and nearby people.

1st Friend: Hey dude, Please help me to hack my girl friends or boy friends Facebook account. I know He/ She is deceiving or ditching me.

2nd Friend: Hey bro, Let’s steal Bank money and after that We will go abroad to have fun.

Friends of Friends: Hi Sir, Can you teach me. How to hack my Blah! Blah! Blah! account.

My Girl Friend: My darling, Can you hack the University question paper. I want to top the class but I have not started studying because it’s too difficult to understand the Blah! Blah! Blah Topic etc.

OK! Is this looking boring to you but It’s true. Here, I am not explaining my issue because these are not the issue for me. I don’t do any bullshit thing for any one but I do these bullshit thing to test my skills and Grow up because in this field you have to learn a lot. You can’t be perfect always with some tips or tricks. You need to be updated regularly, If you don’t, You will loose your confidence in hacking. People will still say you are a hacker but Your soul will say you are not. You will loose your self respect.

1. Become Computer Savvy and Internet Savvy

Now you will say, you are already but don’t make yourself fool. Be professional and Understand what I want say. Here I have used the term computer savvy and internet savvy because any hacker don’t feel get bored with these things.

Hacker loves Computer & internet and Can be with them for a long time without taking rest with having fun. Computer savvy can stay with their computer for long time without taking rest and Internet savvy with internet similarly.

2. Learn programming Language

There are many programming language with different-different advantages. Learning programming language is fun but Choose your programming wisely. For eg. If you want work with website penetration testing then you should choose HTML, JAVA, CSS etc and On the other hand If you love exploits then you can choose Python or PERL etc.

Here you don’t need to learn all the language to become a part of hacking. Just Become expert in at least 2 programming language and Some understanding for rest of them.

Kali Linux is the hacking operating system for hackers where the most works is in the Python programming languages. Python programmer can make exploit to exploit any computer and on the other hand Website hacking is also on the top of position so learning some website related programming language could be more helpful for you.

3. Stay Organized and Be Practical

Reading articles and reading tips and tricks is not enough to become an ethical hacker. I know hacking is about tips and tricks but not for every time. Tips and tricks changes daily in this internet world so you need to get updated daily or regularly and Stay with technology.

Oh! I remember one thing. Do you know about Quantum Computer and Li-Fi. If you don’t then you must know What it is?

Now we can say, We are growing.

4. Join Basic Hacking Classes, Advanced and Then Apply for Hacking Certificate

I don’t recommend to go for hacking certificate directly because If you don’t have root or basic knowledge, You will definitely comes to the end and You will loose your hopes in hacking field.

In certification classes, They don’t teaches you basics. They just explain the advanced and main parts and after that they give you some work to do, I mean practical. As I have already said, Practice makes a man perfect and this is all about learning & practice.

In hacking field, You need 70% practical work instead of other thing.

There are are many certificate for Hackers but I am gonna talk about that certificate which I have currently.

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)
  • Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT)

5. Choose you Career Wisely

If you are performing any hacking skills under any organization then you are not responsible for any illegal or illegal activity. Here you are doing ethical hacking.

But choose your organization wisely and Join trusted one otherwise you are gonna in trouble because there are many fake organization or company which are doing these hacking activity without any permit or authorizations.

These fake organizations or company hires new hackers and involve in illegal activity like Account Hacking, Website Hacking, Credit Card Hacking etc. They generally said to their employer that they have permit to do that but they don’t and even they don’t have the authority to run an organization or company.

Seek out job opportunities for ethical hackers. There are lucrative jobs available in government organizations, banks, financial institutions, military establishments and private companies.

6. Be Secret and Be Professional

Hacking is not to show off your skills, If you do then you are gonna in trouble. Don’t do any illegal activity for anyone. Just do for your learning purpose. Just do to check your hacking skills but not to harm others.

If anyone encouraging you to do any illegal activity in any manners then you must not do.

Know about the pros and cons of different types of hackers, such as White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat hackers. Newbies who are keen to become a Black Hat need to keep in mind that “A day of glory is not worth years in prison“.

7. Learn to use Linux and Unix Operating System

I have mention in programming language section Kali Linux is an operating system for Hackers. It’s specially built for hackers having thousands of different-different tools to perform hacking activity.

Kali is a Linux operating system and modification of Unix operating system. Well Unix is more powerful operating system than Linux operating system which is used by only top hackers or coders because it doesn’t has GUI.

Final Thought:

To be a professional ethical hacker you require motivation, dedication, initiative, self-education and formal training in ethical hacking.

  • Know about the pros and cons of different types of hackers, such as White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat hackers. Newbies who are keen to become a Black Hat need to keep in mind that “A day of glory is not worth years in prison”.
  • Seek out job opportunities for ethical hackers. There are lucrative jobs available in government organizations, banks, financial institutions, military establishments and private companies.
  • Analyze the basic requirements to become an ethical hacker. Try to find out the areas where will you need to work really hard.
  • Decide the area where you would prefer to work primarily with hardware or software. Do not think of specializing in both the areas. Though knowledge of both is required but the decision will help you to know where to begin. You must be aware of every function, every component of computer on which you will have to work on.
  • Evaluate your strengths and interests and gain some programming knowledge such as C, Python or Java. These programming languages can be learned by taking formal programming courses and reading books. It will help you to read and write code.
  • Learn the UNIX operating system as it is regarded as the original operating system built by hackers. Also learn about Windows and Mac OS.
  • Take a professional course. There are a wide variety of courses available for IT security professionals in “Ethical Hacking” or “Internet Security” which would help you to expand your knowledge in ethical hacking.
  • Do the experiments on your own to know the actual happening of a situation.
  • Start experimenting with hardware and software to learn how to take control of the situations and how to prevent a computer from getting hacked.
  • Read on your own to know what are the areas where you need to improve and what need to be learned to refine your focus. Technology changes rapidly, and a good ethical hacker must be willing and eager to keep up with the new technological developments.
  • Get certified as it would help you to succeed in the vanguard of your profession.
  • Stay connected to the hacker community by sharing technical information and ideas.

[Source: wikihow]

I hope you like this article about how to become an ethical hacker. Please do share this article with your friends on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Other. if you have any query then you can comment bellow so that we can answer your query.

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