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How to Automatically Backup Photos and Videos with Google Photos

How to Automatically Backup Photos and Videos with Google Photos

Google photos can be the best place to store your photos & videos because It gives users unlimited storage, provided that they are no larger than 16 megapixels (photos) or Full HD 1080p (videos); larger photos and videos are either downsized or counted against a user’s base 15GB Google Account storage.

Google Photos gives users boundless cloud access to save (compressed) photos and videos, the application gives millions of smartphone and tablet users the instant ability to free up some precious storage space on their devices.


Steps to Backup Photos and Videos with Google Photos:

By simply activating the Back up & sync function on an Android or iOS-based smartphone or tablet, Google Photos automatically saves all photos and videos stored on all the devices a user owns, as well as any taken in the future.

1. If you are using Android phone then simple open Google play store and search for “Google Photos” app or Click here then Install it on your device. Do the same steps, If you are using iPhone using iTunes.

Note: In most of the phones, It is pre-installed in your Android OS and iOS.

Google Photos

When you open the Google Photos app then It may asks for some permissions to access your device storage and location etc. Just allow these permission.

Note: If you have opened Google Photos app first time then It may asks to enable the “Back up & Sync” settings.

2. Now click on three dash at the top left which will popup having some settings options.

Now Click on “Settings“, Then Turn on “Back up & Sync” option and Then choose appropriate settings according to you.

Google Photos Settings

Once you enabled back up & sync option on Google Photos, It will automatically make a backup of your all photos & videos from your local storage and Don’t worry about your privacy because all your uploaded photos are private by default so only you can see your saved photos.

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