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Learn a Quick Way to Access WhatsApp on Computer

How to Access WhatsApp on Computer

There may be various reasons that you want to access WhatsApp on Computer. Whatsapp is an enormous messaging network and is very extremely successful worldwide and as we all comprehend it is now bought by Facebook.

WhatsApp Web; This feature of WhatsApp allows you to send & receive messages, photos, videos and locations etc from your Computer using your web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera etc. This fashionable feature is very convenient to the person who mostly use the laptop instead of an android phone.


How to Use WhatsApp on a Computer?

To use WhatsApp from a computer, visit either the WhatsApp Web page for a browser version or download the desktop program via the Download WhatsApp page.

If you’re using the desktop version, make sure to select the download link that corresponds with your computer’s operating system; either the Windows or Mac link.

Once opened, the desktop program and web client will show a large QR Code.

WhatsApp Web

Now Open the WhatsApp app from your phone then Navigate to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

After that Scroll down and choose Scan QR Code.

Hold your phone up to the computer screen to scan the QR code. It will do everything automatically; you just have to point the camera in that direction.


The WhatsApp client will open immediately, and show you any messages you already have on your phone.

WhatsApp Web Chat

You can now close down the WhatsApp app on your phone and use it from your computer.

Now there is no need to check your Smartphone again & again, Your browser will tell you about any message arrived in your WhatsApp.

Also some people feel more comfortable typing from a computer than of mobile screen.

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