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How CEH Training Courses Keep Your Hackers At Bay

How CEH Training Courses Keep Your Hackers At Bay

We live in dangerous times. In an age where anything and everything is online, being careless about your security measures and protocols could give hackers the opening they need to steal private information, compromise the safety and privacy of your clients and leave your system in shambles. They could even leave behind viruses to destroy your network, undoing the hard work of your team and killing consumer trust and confidence.

Hacking threats

In 2016 alone, about 90 percent of all U.S. businesses were the victim of a hacking incident, Brink reports. It shows a leap of 32 percent, from the numbers recorded in 2015. Checkmarx lists down the 8 worst data breaches that happened last year, showing the kind of threats and extent of the risks companies face. What’s alarming is that, based on the information available, cybersecurity threats and attacks are only going to get worse.

Improving security

Improving security

As hackers grow more relentless and creative with their attacks, there’s a growing need for companies to take solid steps to increase and beef up their security. One way is to make sure you have people in place to keep your system and network safe and secure. Requiring your employees to undergo CEH training is one way to achieve this.

The Program

A Certified Ethical Hacker certification program or CEH training course, provides your employees with the training and practical hands-on experience they need to deal with data leaks and breaches. They learn what methods and techniques hackers use to compromise security systems and in the process, also learn the best way how to undo those leaks and prevent those information breaches from happening. Participants of the training are also expected to use their new-found knowledge in evaluating systems and networks for weaknesses. Think of it as the Dark Arts training for the Digital Age. By knowing how hackers do it, participants can undo much, if not all, of the damage hackers have done. They can also devise systems that would prove impenetrable to hacking threats and attempts. Or at least, one that’s strong enough to ward off those threats, all while putting in alerts in the system so you and your security team knows if a breach is being attempted. That should give you plenty of time to put reinforce your security shields, put better ones in place and pool your resources to crush the threat.
Course Domains

A CEH Training course includes the following task and knowledge domains:

Task domains: ethics, reporting, mitigation, security testing, system analysis and design, system development and management.

Knowledge domains: Ethics, background, analysis and assessment along with security, tools, procedures and policy.

These domains provide your employees with a good grasp of systems and networks, exposing them to the vulnerabilities in the system and how these weak points could affect your organizational performance in case of an information breach or hacking attack, says Computer Weekly.

Better security shields

By requiring your employees to undergo a certified hacker training, you can build a team of security experts that can easily develop and install better security systems in place. They know how to think like a hacker, which gives them valuable insight into how to design the perfect system. They know the ins and outs of the system development, giving them the tools they need to develop and build security shields.

Recognize and minimize threats

A certified hacker training makes it easy for participants to spot hacking issues and problems a mile away. Whether it’s a harmless-looking email or seemingly-unimportant glitch in the system, they know what signs to look for, allowing them to tag possible breaches and take appropriate measures so those breaches won’t go any further.
Manage security problems

Participants are also trained to handle security problems and issues. In case of an emergency, you have someone to make sure your company’s information is secure. They can keep hacking the system to find weak points in the network and do the best they can to plug those holes, keeping criminal elements and hackers at bay.

How it helps

With CEH-certified staff, you have professionals who can easily stop security threats in their tracks, minimize the risks and keep your information safe. With their assistance, you can protect your information and those of your clients’ in the best way possible.


Don’t leave your security to chance. Make sure you have the best security team to keep your network and information safe. If that means sending your own team to undergo a CEH Training course, it’s a small price to pay for getting a competent team of security experts that can keep your company safe from hacker threats and assaults. Make sure you send them to an excellent training program from trustworthy names like Koenig. That way, they’ll be able to pass the CEH certification exam with nothing but flying colors, all but ready to put their skills and knowledge to good use for your company.

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