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How To Get Gmail Notifications Directly On Desktop

How To Get Gmail Notifications Directly On Desktop

When you’re getting tons of emails every day, it can be easy to miss the important ones.

If you want to keep an eye on your incoming messages without having to obsessively check your inbox, you can set up desktop notifications for Gmail. This means that you’ll get a notification on your computer desktop each time you receive a new email.

It’s ideal if you want to see each new message without interrupting whatever you’re doing. Desktop notifications for Gmail work whether you’re using Mac or PC in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. Here’s how to get started.

Enable Gmail Desktop Notifications

The first step to enable Gmail notifications for Desktop is to open your browser like Google Chrome and After that open your Gmail Account as usual you do in your everyday life.

Gmail Dashboard

Now click on gear icon on the right side of your browser and then choose Settings.

Gmail Settings

Now scroll down the setting page and here you will find an option for Desktop notifications. Just click on “New mail notifications on” and Save the settings.

New mail notifications on Gmail

Now click on “Click here to enable desktop notifications for Gmail” and then allow the popup gmail notifications settings in the left side of your browser. With this your Gmail account can directly send notifications to your Google Chrome.

Show Email Notificications gmail

That’s it! You are done. Now all your email notifications will immediately appear on your Google Chrome that you can easily see and open your account to check out the things happened in your account.

This is the simple way to keep an eyes on your emails when arrived in your inbox but It’s the part of exceptional settings on Gmail so many people don’t these helpful things. I hope this article has helped you to manage your emails in your daily life.

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