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Which Is The Faster Phone? The Galaxy S9 Or the iPhone X

The Galaxy S9 Or the iPhone X

The recently released iPhone X is already drawing comparisons to the Samsung Galaxy S9. The Galaxy S9 is still a few months from release. But it’s never too early to assess which phone has the competitive advantage in the smartphone marketplace.

So which phone is faster? The chipsets for each phone are fast. But fast might not notable for daily use. This article gets into the Apple, Samsung rivalry and hardware.


The Apple and Samsung Rivalry

Samsung and Apple are long-time rivals in the electronics landscape. While Apple is a well-known purveyor of innovation but so is Samsung. Samsung has had OLED screens with large displays and wireless charging for quite a while now. The iPhone X features an OLED screen and wireless charging now. And their screens are actually manufactured by Samsung.

Apple’s mainstream popularity has kept iPhones flying off the shelves over many iterations. But Samsung has also consistently innovated through each generation of the Galaxy phone as well. The two manufacturers are evenly matched in terms of most specifications for their phones. In fact, both companies have even been involved in very public court cases for copying smartphone technology. However, the iPhone X might already be edged out by the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.

Rumors are also circling that Samsung will copy a lot of different features for the S9 from the iPhone X.


The Basics

The specifications for the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy are already out online. Just based upon those alone, the Galaxy S9 is already outperforming the iPhone X.

It has an octa-core or 8-core processor to iPhone X’s hexacore or 5-core Processor. The RAM is also double, 6GB vs 3GB for Samsung and Apple respectively.

Speed Testing on Networks

Since the Samsung Galaxy S9 isn’t out yet, looking at the S8 is helpful in terms of looking at speed because it has undergone testing. In one such test, the network speed of the iPhone X was tested against that of the Galaxy S9. In this case, the test involved Advanced LTE which is used by most phones and Gigabit LTE.

Gigabit LTE isn’t necessarily faster speed. It’s actually a network that brings together multiple technologies that are designed to give you faster speeds. This happens even if you are far from a tower and there are lots of phones around trying to get on the air.

This type of test is relevant because iPhone X did not include gigabit technology in the iPhone X or the iPhone 8. But the Galaxy S8 does. This is important because this technology gets up to 1GB in download speed which is a quite a bit.

Both the S8 and the iPhone X were run on gigabit networks in New York and San Jose. Each time the Samsung Galaxy proved to be twice as fast as the iPhone X. This was true using both gigabit and LTE networks. So this puts the Galaxy S9 squarely ahead of iPhone X in a significant way even before its release.

Chipset Specifics

samsung S9

The Galaxy S9 has the Exynos chipset installed in it which includes the LTE modem in it. This chipset is ready for the future of network speed which is said to be 5G with 1.2gps of download speed, slightly better than the previous generation. Besides network speed, this chipset is supposed to offer more performance while using less battery power.

But the iPhone X isn’t exactly a slouch. It features an A11 Bionic chip. This chip makes it even faster than the Galaxy S8 from the standpoint of benchmark testing conducted so far. While the chipset is fast, practical testing has indicated that Samsung still comes out on top.

Until the Samsung Galaxy S9 comes out, much of this comparison is still speculation. Testing will reveal if the iPhone X really is faster or if the Galaxy S9 is. But so far, reviews have suggested that speed won’t be an issue for day to day tasks necessarily. Since both phones run on completely different operating systems, it is difficult to truly compare them against one another. While speed is a factor in influencing smartphone purchases, the operating system is the biggest feature with regard to smartphones. People tend to go with what they like or know the best.

Both Android and iOS have dedicated and loyal users. So while speed may outperform the iPhone based on the specs, familiarity will also decide a lot between the two phone types. Once the Galaxy S9 comes out, better comparisons will be made. Until then, the Samsung Galaxy S9 remains somewhat of a mystery.

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