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Ethical Hacking – Courses, Scopes, Salary, Institutions, Job Opportunities etc

Ethical Hacking - Courses, Scopes, Institutions, Job Opportunities etc

When we use the term hacking, People have a negative opinion towards it, Since it is invading the privacy of others and is considered illegal. In this digital era everything and everybody is dependent on technology. Though technology has made our life easy by providing many benefits, it does have it’s disadvantages.

Many company fear for the safety and security of the important and highly sensitive data from hackers. So they appoint ethical hackers to safeguard their information. The job of an ethical hacker is to penetrate into a system in order to check the security and protection of the company’s IT system.

Ethical hackers are highly trained professionals who can penetrate into any type of IT system be it an individual or a company’s system. The system of a company may seem secure from the outside but they remain exposed to the threat of malware, virus or hacking; hence Companies appoint ethical hackers to check the reliability and security of their system.

Most companies today are aware of the need for hiring ethical hackers, they can save the company from huge loss, which may include loss of both classified information and also clients. A career in ethical hacking can be very rewarding when compared to other jobs. It is one of the challenging jobs which require immense expertise and practice. There is good Career growth in ethical hacking.

Okay Now I’ll try to answer this thoroughly.

Cyber SecuritySecurity analyst, Security Architect, Cyber Forensic Expert, Ethical Hacker to name a few positions in this field.

What is Expected of you?

This role requires you to analyze and assess threats, evaluate ways to block them and propose solutions to minimize such vulnerabilities and design the security structure for the solution.

Who is Hiring?

Security specialists are hired by IT companies, IT departments of non-IT organizations. IT companies catering to a government or intelligence set-up too need them.

Why’s the Job in Demand?

Cyber security is becoming a big issue globally with the number of threats and their sophistication increasing all the time.

Qualification & Experience required:

The ideal profile would be a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, with skills in data center management, risk management, systems integration, mobile security and so on (these are only indicative experience areas).


For a fresher you could expect to get around $15,000 (or 9 lakh) rising exponentially with experience.

Experience, analytical skills & acumen puts such professionals in a high salary bracket of $100,000+ (or 60 lakh+ ).

To start off with you could learn the basics:

Understand computer programming and computer architecture. Know how the deepest of small details are handled.


– Stack Overflows

– Out of Heap Memory

– Software Stack

  1. Boot
  2. Kernel
  3.  OS
  4. Services
  5. APIs
  6. Processes
  7. Threads

– Network Stack

  1. Physical
  2. Data-Link
  3. Network
  4. Transport
  5. Session
  6. Presentation
  7. Application

– Process Memory Space

– Web Technology

– Gateways and DNS

– Some Attacks

  1. Denial of Service
  2. Distributed Denial of Service
  3. Middle-Man Attack
  4. Spoofs, etc…

I hope you enjoyed this article and If you have any further query then please do comments on comments sections and If I have missed something then please suggest me on comment sections so that I can update this article with better information’s to our new readers.

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