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How to Enable Two Factor Authentication Security on LinkedIn

How to Enable Two Factor Authentication Security on LinkedIn

Passwords are not enough to secure your online accounts because they can be stolen via many technique used by Hackers & cyber criminals like Phishing, Social Engineering, Session hijacking and Evil twin etc. If you really want to secure your online account then you need to rely on more than one method of verifying that it really is you trying to log in.

The most common way to do that is with two factor authentication, which LinkedIn calls Two-Step Verification, Which Facebook calls Login approval and Which twitter calls Login verification. The process to activate two factor authentication is quit simple, There is one qualifier: You must have a phone number on your account since verification codes are sent via text message.


Steps to Enable Two Factor Authentication on LinkedIn:

All of these steps can be done via the LinkedIn mobile app, but for simplicity I’ll be demonstrating all of them from a browser window.

Step 1: Adding a phone number to your LinkedIn account;

If you have already added your phone number to your LinkedIn account then you can skip this step and move on to step 2 But If you haven’t then you need to add your phone number to your account before proceeding.

First login to your LinkedIn account then click on your profile picture at the top right corner which will open a menu and Now click on the “Settings & Privacy” from the menu to open the LinkedIn account settings.

Setting and Privacy

When you click on Settings & Privacy then It will redirect you to the basic account settings of your LinkedIn account.

Now there click on “Phone Numbers“. That will expand this field and give you the option to add your phone number to your LinkedIn account. Now Just click on “Add a phone number“.

Phone Number

Add your phone number to the field provided and click “Send Code“.

Add a phone number

You’ll need to re-enter your password to verify and after that It will redirect you to verification screen.

Verification code

Wait for the 6-digit OTP code to come via text message, Enter it and You will see your a phone number has been added to your LinkedIn account.

Now set this number as your primary number. To do that, Just click on “Make Primary“. While doing this, You need to re-enter you password again.

Make Phone number primary

You have successfully added your phone number to your LinkedIn account and Now you can move on to activating Two-Step Verification.

Step 2Activating Two-Step Verification on your LinkedIn account;

After adding your phone number, You need to go to Privacy settings and To do that, You need to click on “Privacy” Tab which you can find at the top. When you were adding your phone number, You were in “Account” tab.

At the bottom of the Privacy tab, You can find the security settings of your LinkedIn account on the left panel/ sidebar. Click on “Security” settings to open it’s options. There you’ll find Two-Step Verification.

Now just Click on “Turn on” to activate your two factor authentication security on LinkedIn.

Two-step verification

When you turn on the two-step verification, It’ll show you your added phone number. Now select the phone number and Click on “Send code to activate” to activate the two factor authentication security.

send to activate

Wait for few second to receive your 6-digit OTP code via text message. After that just enter that verification code to verification screen and Click on “Verify“.

Enter verification code

Now you have successfully verified you number and activated two-step verification security on your LinkedIn account.

Now when you log into LinkedIn from an unrecognized device you’ll have to enter a six-digit code to prove it’s you.

Hope this article helped you. If you have any further query & suggestion then you can comment on the comment section. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Other because sharing is caring.

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