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How To Disable Websites From Tracking Your Location in Google Chrome

How To Disable Websites From Tracking Location in Google Chrome

Geolocation is a relatively new feature in the recent versions of most browsers. It allows websites to track your physical location, ostensibly, with a view to offer you location related search results, services or options.

You may have noticed that whenever you visit any website which requires access to your location the first time, you will see your browser saying that this website requires access to you location. We have the option to allow or disallow access, but we normally allow this. When you allow access, your IP address, along with your device details, MAC address, etc can be sent. These details are saved in Cookies. Other websites will not be able to access this data – only the website you have given access.

Stop Websites Tracking Location

The privacy conscious among you may not want to disclose their physical location. Such users can tell their browsers to deny access by disabling the Geolocation feature. Let us see how to do it in your chrome browser and android smartphone.

1. Using Chrome Internal Settings

First Install Chrome browser in your computer and after that launch Chrome browser and open settings from three lines button at top right corner.


Now scroll down and click on show advanced settings.

show advanced settings

Now below privacy click on content settings.

content settings

Now scroll down and you will see location field, check button “do not allow any site to track your physical location” and click on done at right bottom of screen.

do not allow any site to track your physical location

That’s it! Now your Chrome browser will not allow any sites to track your location while surfing on the internet.

2. Using Change GeoLocation Extension

First of all download and install Change GeoLocation extension in your Chrome Browser.

Change GeoLocation extension

After that, a pin icon will appear at right top corner of your Chrome Browser, click on it. Now Here you will see values of location that you want to set.

icon will appear at the right top corner

By this way, you can use fake geolocation to protect your real identity.

3. Using Console To Fake Your Location

You need to right click and select option of “Inspect” or you can simply press F12.


Now select console tab and click on three dots (Customize and control Dev Tools)

select console tab

Now click on “More Tools” and then select “Sensors.”


Now you will see option of “Emulate Geolocation coordinates” enable it and enter your desired latitude and longitude.

Emulate Geolocation coordinates

That’s it! You have done, now Chrome will use given location as your real location.

4.Using Location History

We all know that Google tracks our location history. However, you can stop Google from doing so. Google usually gathers location data from your usage of Google Maps.

Open Google Activity Control Page

Activity Control Page

Now you need to find option “Location History” and disable it.

Location History

You can even click on Manage Activity to check which location history Google saved.

Manage Activity

5. Using Android Smartphone

Open Google settings

Google settings

Now you need to find Google Location Settings> Google Location History

Google Location History

Now you need to pause location history. You can even select option “Delete Location History” to delete all saved history.

Delete Location History

That’s it! Google will no longer store your location history.

By these methods, you can easily hide your geolocation in your Chrome browser and ensure your privacy by disallowing location access to every spy agencies and attackers being spying on you. Hope you like this article, share it with other also to make them aware about this. Leave a comment below if you have any related questions.

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