Computer Tips and Tricks: Learn Every PC Tricks That Exists

Do you want to learn all computer tips and tricks that exist in this world?

Here is your computer tips and tricks A-Z guide.

Computer will work only if there is an operating system installed on it.

Well, You will not be surprised if I say there are more than one operating system exist this computer world like Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix etc.

The Most widely used operating system is Windows then Mac then Linux and the Final is Unix But the Most powerful operating system is Unix then Linux then Mac and Windows. Wow Surprised :- ) Don’t worry, You will find out that answers soon automatically after taking a look at this article completely.

Computer Tips and Tricks

Computer Tips and Tricks

There are thousands of computer tips and tricks exist that can not be describe in one article so We have categories these computer tips and tricks into 4 parts depending upon operating systems.

1. Windows Tricks

Most computers have Microsoft Windows preinstalled by default.

Do you use Windows? According to statistics, you probably do. This is why we decided to start a series of posts about the main reasons to use different operating systems, starting off with Windows and covering also Mac OS and Linux.

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2. Mac Tutorials

Just got a new Mac? We’ve gathered together a resource of all the tutorials, tips and how to advice you could possibly need!

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  • Bet you didn’t know your Mac could do all this
  • Make a keyboard shortcut for anything
  • Restrict what someone can do – and when!
  • See your Mac activity with Activity Monitor
  • Back up your Mac

3. Kali Linux Tutorial

With Kali Linux, hacking becomes much easier since you have all the tools (more than 300 pre-installed tools) you are probably ever gonna need. Others can be downloaded easily. Now this tutorial will get you started and you’ll be hacking with Kali Linux before you know it.

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4. Linux Tutorial

Linux tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of Linux. Our Linux tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals.

Linux is an open-source operating system.

Our Linux tutorial includes all topics of Linux OS such as Linux commands, Directories, Files, Man Pages, File Contents, File Permissions, shells, VI editor etc. There is also given Linux interview questions to help you better understand the Linux operating system.

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  • How To Manage Processes In Linux
  • What Is Linux VPS Hosting
  • 7 Neat Linux Tricks That Newbies Need to Know
  • 11 pointless but awesome Linux terminal tricks

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