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10 Android Rooting Apps to Get Root Access Without Computer

Android Rooting Apps

Every smartphone has some restrictions to do some task due to security reasons and whatever it is. But sometime we need to cross that restrictions to do some special tasks in our android smartphone including mobile performance & hacking attacks activity etc and to remove these companies restrictions from our smartphone, we need to root our android phone to get root access of them.

Now the question is, How to root android phone? Well don’t worry, There are many Android rooting apps & tools are available on the internet to root your android phone but BE AWARE from fake apps that can brick or harm your smartphone.


To OVERCOME these possibilities, I have selected 10 best Android rooting apps to get root access of your smartphone without bricking your phone or without loosing your smartphone warranty. So let’s have a look at these best Android hacking apps to root your android phone in a single click.

1. Framaroot


Framaroot is a one click app which you can use to root almost any Android phone or device without making use of Computer. Framaroot developed by Alephzain from The XDA-Developers forum is the app which made it easy to root any Android without PC just in a single click and can also unroot any rooted Android whenever desired without PC. In a single click, it can install Superuser and SU binary on your phone.

Framaroot will work most of the android phones with Android versions from 2.0 to 4.2 (Tested). See this list of Framaroot Supported Device.You can even try on the latest android OS.

Download Framaroot

2. Universal AndRoot

Universal AndRoot

Universal Androot is also very popular among apps that can root several android devices without the need of a computer. Universal Androot is an application that provides you with the root access for many Android devices.

Download Universal Androot

3. Kingo


Kingo is another free software for Android rooting. Like Others, it also enables you to root Android phone or tablet in 1 click. It supports Android 2.3 up to Android 4.2.2, and works well with HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, LG, Acer, and so on.

KingoRoot, both PC and APK version, offers the easiest and fastest Android rooting experience for almost all devices and has the highest success rate. KingoRoot for Android is the best one click rooting software/apk with highest success rate. Boost your Android Phone by rooting it with KingoRoot!

KingRoot is as potent as iRoot and KingoRoot apps. The software is light-weighted and worked flawlessly on some selected models of MTK devices we used for testing out their performance and reliability.

Their latest version supports wide range of devices (as opined by some of our other editors) including Samsung, HTC, Motoroloa and Sony Xperia droid devices. We hope to keep testing this app for a possible stand-alone review as soon as we can.

Learn more/ Download Kingo

4. iRoot


iRoot is another powerful root software created by Chinese people. Just one click, and you can be the master of your Android phone or tablet. iRoot is the easiest and fastest Android rooting software. Just with one click, you can get a customizable and handy Android device in hand.

Learn more/ Download iRoot

5. Vroot


Vroot is one of the best software that roots any android phone and supports the wide range of android versions, Android 2.2 (Froyo), Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and Android 5 (Lolipop) etc.

Vroot is available for both Computer as well as Phone. That means you can Root and Unroot any Android with or without Computer. VRoot tool is developed by Mgyun in China and it is the first app which I will recommend after Framaroot for Rooting and Unrooting any Android running devices.

Many of our friends have rooted their Android with vRoot App. This app is just like one click root apps because it roots your Android mobile in just one click.

Learn more/ Download Vroot

6. Towel Root

Towel Root

Towelroot is developed by Geohot for Android which can easily root most popular devices like – Samsung Galaxy S5, AT&T GS5, Nexus 5, GS4, HTC, Note 3 and lots of Latest Android mobile devices.

Learn more/ Download Towelroot

7. DooMLoRD Easy Rooting Toolkit

DooMLoRD Easy Rooting Toolkit

Easy Rooting Toolkit is also one of the best android rooting app. It is developed by DooMLoRD and can root most of the phones without a computer.

Learn more/ Download Easy Rooting Toolkit

8. Z4Root


z4root is 100% safe app that has a single button which can root android device. It can easily root most of the android phones like – Sony. Samsung Galaxy, Droid 2, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Garmin-Asus and many more.

Learn more/ Download z4root

9. Unlock Root

Unlock Root

Unlock Root is truly genius software which can easily Root/ Unroot most of the android devices. It is tested and rooted successfully the devices from Android 2.1 till 4.0. You can try with your phone.

I had success with this software in the past but can’t vouch for it now since it isn’t fully available for free any longer. You should be thinking of it as an alternative only when the Vroot or kingoapp root software solutions fails to root your device.

Learn more/ Download Unlock Root

10. Root Master

Root Master

As the name implies, Root Master app is really the master of all rooting technique. Yes, You can not only ROOT android without PC but also it has many more features. If you’re interested you can go with Root Master.

Root Master will root your phone or devices without the need of a computer, you should think of it an alternative only where Framaroot fails.

Learn more/ Download Root Master


These are the best Android rooting apps to root your android phone in a single click. In this first, I would recommend to use Framaroot app to root your android smartphone because it works with most of the smartphone and easy to use. After Framaroot, You can use another rooting apps one by one.

So I hope you like this article having best Android rooting apps to root your android smartphone without bricking or loosing your warranty of your smartphone. If you have any further QUERY related to this article then you can comment bellow & If you know the other Android rooting apps that I have missed here then you can also SUGGEST ME to add that one too by commenting on bellow. Please DO SHARE this article with your friends on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other.

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