How to Access Blocked Sites in School, College, Organization and anywhere

How to Access Blocked Sites

This post will definitely help you a lot. Today every one of us is a fraction of any college, office or any organization. Throughout we find free open wifi’s, but the major problem with these is there are numerous websites which are blocked by the servers of college, office or any organization.

There is the various type of securities that are executed in the server’s to block some sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. So In this post, I’ll tell you the easy and robust method to access blocked sites.

How to Access Blocked Sites or Unblock Restricted Sites


This method is very manageable and straight and works almost everywhere. Now in this method, I’ll tell you about a plugin which will bypass blocked sites so that you can access blocked sites.

1. Using Browsec

Connect your PC or laptop with WiFi or your broadband connection in which you want to access blocked sites. Now Open Google Chrome of your PC. Make sure you are running an updated version of Google Chrome and then Open the link from here after that a Browsec add-on will be displayed.


Click on add to chrome at the right upper corner of pop up.

Add Browsec to chrome

Now a process will start to add Browsec to your chrome, it will take just some seconds to complete and after completion of the process, a green earth will get added to your Chrome browser at the rightmost upper corner of your browser, just under the close button.

green earth will get added to your Chrome

Now click on it and then click Protect Me.

Protect Me

Now you can see multiple servers in the drop down list.

multiple servers

Select any server from it, and that’s it! you are done with this.

The major working of Browsec is providing privacy to your browsing as by selecting any random server from the list sets that server IP to your PC and you can access sites with the server address of another country.

This is because the security that is implemented in your main network server can block sites only when you are connecting to a server of your country if it founds any server request from another country, it can’t block the website and you get easily bypass and can access any site of your choice.

Alternate Of Browsec:

Similar Extensions

With the help of Chrome VPN extension, you can open the sites that are restricted on the WiFi or LAN network that your computer being connected. Even you can unblock the site if the link is been blocked by authorities like Torrentz.

In one of our previous articles we have listed 10 best VPN for Google Chrome you can have a look at the above mentioned guide to find out the best suitable VPN for your Google Chrome browser

2. Using CMD

The another method to access blocked sites is by pinging. In this method, you will need to ping or bypass every individual website using a command prompt.

By this method, you can easily access blocked sites using Command Prompt. The ping command in cmd used to bypass the site to access it from the firewall security implemented in your college, office or any organization.

Connect your PC or laptop with wifi or your broadband connection in which you want to access blocked sites and then Open the command prompt by clicking start and then type “cmd” and then press enter.

command prompt

Now a command prompt window will appear just type ping Website name (for ex: ping thehackersolutions.com) and press enter.

Ping thehackersolutions

Now open your browser and enter the site which you had recently pinged. You will see the site will get opened.


3. Using Proxy Server

Proxy server is the another way to bypass various type of securities that are executed on the servers to block some websites. You can unblock any site using Proxy server site.

Using Proxy Server

Popular Proxy server websites like Hidemyass and Proxify handles the task very well if you need to unblock any site. You can have a look at our article top best free proxy sites List to find out your suitable proxy site we have mentioned over 100 sites there.

4. Using Google Services

You can use services of Google as a proxy, yes it is possible and this will work forever on your server to access blocked websites. Actually, when you will use this Google proxy services then the content you request will be saved to Google servers and then it will serve you and this will make websites load faster than any other proxy servers.

Using Google Services

Google Offers two methods to access blocked site using their services – Google translate and by using Google Weblight. You can have a full tutorial of the both on our post How To Use Google Translate As Proxy Server.

This is the very simple method to easily access blocked sites. Don’t forget to share this post. Leave a comment if you face any problem.

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