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10 Reasons Why iPhone X is Worth the $1000 Price

10 Reasons iPhone X is Worth the $1000 Price

It’s official that iPhone X is coming and the features and changes made to the iPhone series are as well out. But this information was not relayed in full during unveiling, and that’s why many people are wondering whether it is worth it to pay the $1,000 price tag for the gadget.

Well, there are numerous reasons you might want to spend that much on the iPhone X. Here are few.

1. All-screen

iphone x All-screen

The screen configuration is now updated to offer full screen functionality. This was made possible by first getting rid of the home button and stretching the screen to reach all sides only leaving thin bezels. This makes for a perfect platform for photography and viewing videos.

2. Wireless charging

iphone x Wireless charging

You will chant good riddance to cables once you buy your iPhone X. It comes with a Qi coil, which means you can use any wireless charging pad.

3. Faster charging

iphone x Faster charging

You will not need to spend hours to fully recharge your phone. Apple has designed the charging system of the iPhone X to allow faster charging, so in about 30 minutes you will have charged the phone to about 50 percent.

4. Longer battery life

iphone x Longer battery life

Having a good charging system is not the only benefit as you also can utilize the longer battery life that comes with the iPhone X. Apple confirmed that it lasts an additional 2 hours.

5. Animoji

iphone x Animoji

Put a sparkle to your chats and online interactions with friends by utilizing the animoji feature. This is basically a feature that scans your facial expression then creates an animated emoji matching the expression captured.

It will be available on all text apps and can be used on social channels. Indeed, it will be more about having fun using your iPhone.

6. More stabilized dual rear camera

More stabilized dual rear camera

The dual rear cameras come with faster 12-megapixel sensors and have vertically aligned lenses. It is designed to offer a wide angle of capture, and it is stabilized for motion capturing and those who love doing panning shots will find it practical.

7. The A11 Bionic chip

iphone x The A11 Bionic chip

With the A11 Bionic chip, the iPhone X offers 25 percent faster processing.

There are also four high-efficiency cores that provide 70 percent faster processing, more than the previous A10 chip used in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

8. Portrait lighting

iphone x Portrait lighting

This is basically an algorithm designed to calculate the way your facial features interact with light, and the resulting data is used to generate matching lighting effects like Studio Light and Natural Light. It is designed to help you produce clearer photos.

9. Selfie Scenes

iphone x Selfie Scenes

While using Clips on your iPhone X, you could take advantage of the new Selfie Scenes feature that utilizes the TrueDepth front camera to immerse you into an array of animated 360-degree landscapes.

10. OLED Display

iphone x OLED Display

Additionally, the iPhone X comes with an OLED display, which makes it the first iPhone to have such a feature.

The result is improved color accuracy, true blacks, and high contrast ratio.

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This post was written by Alissa Davis. Follow her at Allisa B. Davis where she writes articles on technology.

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