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How to Use Voice Activated Alarm Clock on Android Smartphone

Voice Activated Alarm Clock

Time to learn a cool trick of stopping your android’s alarm clock with your voice. Till now we had discussed lots of cool stuff with you mainly the tricks that make you smart in this tech world. And today we again come up with a cool android trick that will allow you to stop your android alarm with your voice.

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Voice Activated Alarm Clock

While you get up in the morning and feel very sleepy then you look up here there to stop that shitty alarm and at that time at the half sense of mind stage its very irritating to quickly find your device and stop the alarm.

So you can use our method and simple speak stop that your android will recognize and your alarm will be stopped. It will be very cool isn’t it, yes for sure. So have a look on complete method discussed below to proceed.

How to Stop Phone Alarm Clock in the Morning from your Voice

Here you will be using a cool android app that is actually a alarm app but can also work on your voice too and there is the feature to stop the alarm with voice. And thats all what you need. So follow up the complete steps below to proceed.

Steps To Stop Android Ringing Alarm With Your Voice

1. First of all you need to download and install the cool android app that is WakeVoice Trial alarm clock.
2. After downloading this app in your android launch it in your device,
3. Now you need to set up alarm for you.
4. Now there tick the Speech Synthesis and Voice Recognition options where speech recognition is for listening your stop voice command and Speech Synthesis for displaying weather widget in your android alarm screen when it rang up.

Voice activated alarm clock on Android

5. Now you need to check the working of the app by clicking on test.
6. Now you will see a google listener and there you just need to say stop.

Voice activated alarm clock on Android

7. Now alarm will get stop and that’s all your voice control alarm clock is ready.
8. You can also customize all the other settings in the app that will you get to know after exploring it in your device.

So above is all about Stop Morning Android Alarm Clock With your Voice. With this guide you can easily stop your morning ringing alarm by just saying stop and that shitty ringing voice will get stop. And thats will be very cool and handy.

Hope you like this cool guide, keep on sharing with others. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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