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How To Use Android As Mouse and Keyboard

Use Android As Mouse and Keyboard

Android is a very smart device which provides lots of feature for its user. An Android operating system is most widely used in the world. And there are lots of app that is being developed to run on this OS that makes it more user friendly. And in this post we will be discussing about one of the feature. You can use your android device to work it as a mouse and keyboard for your laptop and computers etc. So here is way for How to Use Android As Mouse and Keyboard. By this method you can easily control all the functioning of your computer’s keyboard and mouse through your android device.

Use Android As Mouse and Keyboard

This is a very cool implement as you will be using your android device as a PC controller in your hands and even remotely. And this will help you to control PC from over a distance. Read out the below steps to proceed.

Steps To Use Android As Mouse and Keyboard

1. First of all download and install the app gPad remote touch-pad/keyboard in your android device.

gPad remote touch-pad/keyboard

2. Now in your windows or MAC Pc download and install the software gPad server client.
3. After completing the installation on both the device pair the device by using any of these Bluetooth,USB cable or via same WiFi network.
4. Now in your PC launch the app and keep it active there.
5. Now open the gPad app in your smartphone and select ‘Settings’ and then select the ‘Connection type’. And in the connection type, select any of WiFi, Bluetooth and USB connection that you feel more convenient.

gPad server client

6. Now click on scan and there you will see your computer name listed click on it and connection will get setup between both the devices.

gPad Setting

7. Also if the connection fails under WiFi setup then you need to enter IP address of your computer which you can get from here.

Input IP Address

8. Now click back and open touch-pad in gpad client app in you android and now you can use both the touch pad as a mouse and also you can use keyboard there to control your PC using your android device.

Choose gPad to Use


So above is all about How To Use Android As Mouse and Keyboard. By this you can easily control your computer using your android device and manage some easy works of your PC through your smartphone. And also there will be no need to sit in front of PC is you are using this over WiFi connection.

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