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How To Protect your Google Accounts with USB Security Key

USB Security Key

Google is a very giant network and today we are using its lots of services in our daily life like its search engine. gmail services, Play store services of android and lots more. And there are so many service that you might know the all.  Now to login into our google account we use our username and password to sign in and the person who is more aware about security must use two step verification for its account. And at two step verification you generally put your mobile verification, but what if you at the place where your mobile signals won’t work then you will be surely in trouble, So we have an alternative for this that is How To Protect your Google Accounts with a USB Security Key. Learn more about this in below.

USB Security Key to Protect Google Account

Now you can use your USB Pendrive as a login device and there will be no need to enter password to login into any of your google account, You just need to insert your USB in computer and you are login in your account. Actually you will be using hardware verification in two step verification rather than any mobile verification etc. So proceed with some simple steps below to implement this.

Steps To Protect your Google Accounts with a USB Security Key :-

1. First of all visit to your account at
2. Now there click on Sign in & Security  and you will then shifted to next page.

3. Now there you will find two step verification enable it if you not enable it till now.
4. Now click on start setup and then login into your account with password.
5. Now enable this verification bu confirming the code, and now you will see screen like below.

two step verification

6. Click on Security Keys section there and the click on add security key.

security key

7. Now click on register option there and insert your USB drive.
8. After registering click on done button and your USB gmail verification will be activated.

USB gmail verification9. Now you don’t need to confirm your message received on your mobile, Just enter your username and password and insert your USB and you will get log in into your account at any desktop or laptop.

So above is all about How To Protect your Google Accounts with a USB Security Key. And this is one of the best and cool method to secure your google account as other person will not get to know that you being logged in with your USB device and this will reduce the risk of your account being hacked by the hackers as the mobile message can be spoofed but this can’t. Hope you like our work, don’t forget to share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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