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How to Unroot Android Smartphone in a Single Click [Updated]

Unroot Android

In these days Android Rooting is one of the most common things that you do after you purchase a smartphone or a tablet. It is easier than ever, it has lots of advantages and it helps you to gain full control. But if you want to unroot your device maybe because it is slower than before, maybe because it has lots of bugs or worse, the Android OS refuses to do its job. Another reason to Unroot Android is the security issues, one of the biggest concerns.

How to Unroot Android

We recommended you to using these two apps called OTA RootKeeper and SuperSU and the best thing is these apps are absolutely free to download. By using these two apps you can Unroot Android Phone easily.

As I said before, to unroot your android phone you can use any of the apps mentioned below

1. Unroot Android Phone Using OTA RootKeeper App

The first app is OTA RootKeeper and the app is open source as well. You can download this app from Google Play store for free.

How to Use OTA RootKeeper ?

1. Download and Install this app on your Rooted Android device.
2. Now open the app and click on Temp.un-root (Temp.un Root temporarily unroots you device)
3. Now again click on Delete su backup (Note: Clicking on Delete su Backup will permanently unroot your device.

2. Unroot Android Phone Using SuperSU App

The second handy app is SuperSU. It has similar features like RootKeeper and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free.

How to Use SuperSU ?

1. Download and Install SuperSU on your android device.
2. Open SuperSU and Tap on Setting, then on Full Unroot.

In some cases you have custom recovery installed and SuperSU app already installed. You can run the SuperSU app, go to Settings, and choose Full unroot. Your device is unrooted. If your SuperSU or Superuser app is still there, simply uninstall using Play Store.

So these are the two apps to Unroot your Android That’s it. With the help of these two apps you can unroot your Android without any difficulty. Do try any of the app and let us know which one worked on your device.


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