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How to Set Up Local Web Server On Android Phone

Local Web Server

Android is a very smart device that allow users to use lots of thongs on it. As till now we have discussed lots of hacks and tricks for android. Similarly we are here talking about how to setup a local web server on your android device which is not a big deal. You can debug your apps, scripts and see your webpages that you code and lots of things that you want to test before putting it online. So you need a local server where you can test out your codes and for that you will follow the complete guide below to set up this local server on your android itself.

How to Setup Local Web Server On Android

The method is little bit time consuming and will allow you to set up web server on your device where you can even install local editors like wordpress etc and can work on them in your android device very easily. So have a look on some simple steps below to proceed.

Steps to Set Up a Local Web Server on Android Devices

1. First of all you need to download and install a cool android app that is KSWEB: server + PHP + MySQL in your device, which is free for 6 days and after that you can buy it.
2. Now after installing launch the app and get moved to the address localhost:8080 in your android browser and there you will see default page of KSWEB.
3. Now visit the URL that is your admin page and its default username is root and password is also root. After entering admin panel change your username and password for security reasons.


4. Now after setting up different username and password for you local server you are done with setup local machine control and now time to set up phpMyAdmin.


5. Now move ahead to KSWEB app and then there in tools tab install phpMyAdmin and download it which will be around 7MB.


6. Now after installation you will able to navigate to phpMyAdmin at the address
7. Now default username of this admin panel is root and leave the password field blank and logged in, And after logging its recommended to change the password.
8. Now if you want to change the default path of root folder then you can do that also as the default path is /mnt/sdcard/htdocs and you can change by visiting Lighttpd tab and then setting up any different path.

Lighttpd tab

9. That’s it you are down, now your local web server is ready to run your sites, apps and lots of scripts that you wish to test before taking them online.

So above is all about How to Set Up a Local Web Server on Any Android, With this step by step guide for installing local web server on your android you will easily setup this server on your device and can test your files offline on your android’s server.

Hope you like our work, do share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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