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How to Set Shutdown Timer On Windows

Shutdown Timer

Windows in one of the best operating system because of the lots of the features that it avail to its user. Today we will be discussing one of them.  You all shutdown computer after you completed your work. But as soon as you click on shutdown button in windows it instantly shut downs, but what if you want it shutdown after a specific time which being set by you, Yes it is possible you can do this with a simple notepad file. So we are here with a method to Create A Shortcut To Shutdown Computer with Shutdown Timer After A Specified Time Period. You just have to follow some of simple steps that i have discussed in below area.

Set Shutdown Timer on Windows

This method will create a shortcut at your desktop and time of shutdown will be set by you and when you click on it count down starts and your Pc will get shutdown after a specific time.

The method will be helpful when you are downloading something that takes excess time and at that case you can set timer for shutdown. Just follow up the below steps to proceed.

Steps to Set Shutdown Timer On Windows

1. First of all click on start and type notepad and press enter.
2. Now notepad will open, just copy the below code and paste it in your notepad


3. In the above code 60 represent the time period in seconds after which PC will shutdown, you can change this also as specifying 60 will shutdown computer after 60 seconds that is 1 minute and if you want to shutdown it after 2 hour then you will write shutdown -s -t 7200.
4. Now save this file in desktop as shutdown.bat you can give any name to file but .bat after the file name is must.


5. Now you will see a batch file in your desktop, now when you click on the file your computer will get shutdown after a specified time.

So above is method for How to Set a Shutdown Timer On Windows. By this method you can have fun with your friends by running this batch file in their computers and also you can schedule any work and then shutdown time of your PC to save battery life of your computer.

Hope you like the discussion, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you need our help at any step.


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