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How to Send Encrypted Email In Gmail and Others

Send Encrypted Email

Gmail is very popular mailing network. Today many people are are using gmail account daily to send and receive mails. And more than billions of users are there on Gmail that daily use this mailing services. But you have no encryption option there for every email you sent or received. As if any of receiver or sender account got hacked then your personal credentials might get leaked out. So to overcome this we are here with How to Send Encrypted Email In Gmail and Others. With this method you can also encrypt another mails also like yahoo and outlook etc. So proceed with this encryption trick below.

Send Encrypted Email

Protecting your emails with password will helps you lot to ensure your privacy from sender end to receiver end. And to implement this we have another mailing service available that will password protect your emails. So proceed with this method below.

Steps To Send Encrypted Email :-

1. First of all you need to download and install an extension Mailvelope that will help you to password protect your gmail emails.

Download Mailvelope For Google Chrome Or Mozilla Firefox.


2. Now this extension will get added to your browser and you will see a notification regarding this. And a lock sign icon will get added to your chrome or Mozilla.

Mailvelope Message

3. Now open your gmail account where you want to want to password protect your email.
4. Now click on the lock icon at the top right corner of your browser.
5. Click on add button there and then click on generate key there.

generate key

6. Now you will see screen like below and fill up the details of your account and also you can alter another option too according to your wish.
7. Now at receiver end there will also need this extension to unlock your emails with the key you have set and by this your emails will get secure.
8. That’s is you are done, Now you will no need to worry about your sensitive data as it get encrypted with this method.

So above is all about How To Send Encrypted Email in Gmail and Others. With this you will secure your private data that you send through emails with others and as an extra protection will get implemented with every email you had sent.

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