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How To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats

Secure Rooted Android

Rooted Android is an open gateway for Security Threats towards your Android Devices and if Security measures are not adopted then they can harm your Android Devices. So here we are discussing some tips that you should implement to Secure Rooted Android Devices from Security Threats and Viruses.

Rooting Android Phone is the process to getting Administrator or Root access from your Android Devices and Many of you already Root Android Phone because It’s gives the permission to do anything you want to do with your phone but They Always forget to read advantage and disadvantage of rooting Android Devices.

Secure Rooted Android

In my Previous Article,  I have listed Best Android Apps to Root Android Phone and If you have not rooted your Android phone then you can Root Android Device Now after reading this Article. You may be thinking, Why I am suggesting to root Android. Well Don’t believe it, You can do  Everything like You can Speed up Android, Hack WiFi, Hack Facebook Account, Install Android Hacking Apps and Cool Android Apps and More.

Best Ways to Secure Android Phone

The below tips are really helpful and effective to Secure Rooted Android and you should implement them today to make sure that apps for your rooted android are not affecting your device. So read out all the tips below.

1. Use F- Secure App Permission App To Protect Your Android From Illegal Access

F- Secure App Permission

Today there are millions of apps in Google Play Store that access your Android data by granted permissions while accepting the terms during the downloading process, so to manage that permissions properly and protect data being flowed out to the apps, this is the best app that we prefer to use in your Android Device. So you must install this app in your and secure it today.

2. Use Best Antivirus Apps For Your Android To Protect It From Viruses

Best Antivirus Apps For Your Android

Antivirus programs are really helpful to keep your Android free from all the viruses that can come easily in your rooted android because of many flaws that can develop after rooting your android. So use the Antivirus from the above link and keep your android secure from viruses and threats.

3. Don’t Install Unauthorized Apps After Rooting

Don’t Install Unauthorized Apps After Rooting

Many of users root their android device to get rid of the pre-installed apps but actually these must be there in your Android device as they protect your device from another Spying apps. Users tend to prefer new apps rather than an old one, So it’s always better to install authorized apps from Google play store

4. Use CM Security In Your Rooted Android

CM Security

This is one of the preeminent security tools or antiviruses for your android device that implements security from all the external threats. Using this app you can scan out all the malicious apps that you have been installed on your android device. Also, this can be handled as App Lock too to protect your app from unauthorized access.


  • Android 5.0 and 6.0 is supported
  • Fingerprint lock password is supported on specific devices
  • Snap the snooper who tried to unlock your apps
  • Customized lock mode. You don’t need to unlock apps every time.

5. Use Android Device Manager In Your Android

Android Device Manager

You must enable Android device manager in your android as this is the reliable choice to track your lost android from your google account. Also, make sure to provide the complete supremacy to this app for its excellent working.

  • Go to Security Settings > Device Administrator.
  • Now tap on Android Device Manager and Activate if it is off.

6. Use App Locker (CM Locker) To Lock your personal apps

App Locker (CM Locker)

Very often we share our smartphone with others, at that time our privacy can be at risk, so you can use the App locker app that helps to protect your apps with a password. You can easily protect apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, Browser, and Gallery etc.


  • Boost phone speed by 100% directly from the toolbox
  • Clean battery draining apps to extend battery life by 30% (generally)
  • Snap phone peepers after they enter wrong passwords, catch anyone who tries to snoop on your phone

7. Don’t Remove Pre-Installed Apps

Don’t Remove Pre-Installed Apps

After we root our android device we tend to remove pre-installed apps. Sometimes we remove some apps which are necessary to run Android device perfectly. So uninstalling the pre-installed applications without knowing what is the application about, I would suggest you never uninstall a pre-installed application.

So foregoing is all about How To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats. With this, you can easily Secure Rooted Android Devives from the internal threats that can harm your Android a lot. And these threats can even damage your android system too, so better is to stay secure from them.

Hope you like the post, do share this with others too. Leave a comment if you still have any queries related this.


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