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How To Run WhatsApp Directly On Your Computer Browser

WhatsApp Messanger

Today we are going to share an interesting trick on running your WhatsApp directly on your computer Browser. This will be very useful to you if you love to receive and exchange messages through your browser.

Now with this characteristic, you can run WhatsApp in your PC Browser. Whatsapp is an enormous messaging network and is very extremely successful worldwide And as we all comprehend it is now bought by facebook. So there is the hallmark added to it which is known as Whatsapp Web.

How to Run WhatsApp on PC

By this feature, you can easily run WhatsApp in your browser, receive and send messages, photos, videos to your friends in your web browser within few steps.

This fashionable feature is very convenient to the person who mostly use the laptop instead of an android phone. So in this post, I am going to share the method to run WhatsApp on Pc. Just see the below steps to proceed.

Whatsapp web feature is now available in every update of the WhatsApp. You can download and install it directly from the Play store of your mobile.

Steps To Run Whatsapp On Pc Browser

Note:- This feature will only work if your whatsapp is Up to date and your computer and mobile are on same network

Step 1. Download and install the latest version of Whatsapp on your android device.
Step 2. Now open your WhatsApp messenger and right click on the phone to open a drop down list. Select Whatsapp web option from there.

Whatsapp web

Step 3. Now in your PC browser open

web whatsapp

Step 4. Now your android QR Code scanner will open from the WhatsApp app. And your Pc browser will show a QR code sign.

QR Code

Step 5. Now scan the QR sign on the PC with your android phone.

QR sign

Step 6. Now the whole interface of WhatsApp chat will get displayed in your browser.

WhatsApp chat

Now you can chat with your friends in your browser.

So above is the method To Run Whatsapp Directly On Your Computer Browser. By this innovative feature, you can easily use WhatsApp on your PC while working on your laptop.

There will we no need to checks your phone, again and again, your browser will tell you about any message arrived in your WhatsApp. Also, some people feel more comfortable typing from a computer than of mobile screen.

Don’t forget to share this post. Leave a comment below about your experience with this cool feature added to WhatsApp.


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