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How to Manage and Run Multiple Instagram Accounts in Android

Run Multiple Instagram Accounts

Instagram is the very popular faster growing social platform and allows you to share your photos and videos. Everybody wants to knows how to Run Multiple Instagram Accounts In Android. As everyone wants to manage different things in a single platform. And same with the Instagram account.

How to Run Multiple Instagram Accounts on Android

So in this post i will tell you the method to manage multiple Instagram accounts in a single android.You just have to follow the simple and easy steps that discussed below and by that you can easily access multiple Instagram on your android and can have fun over social media world by sharing photos and videos.

Instwogram Features for Multiple Instagram Accounts

  • No Root: This app doesn’t require root access in your mobile.
    Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Pictures: You can post pictures same as Instagram app
  • Videos: You can post videos same as Instagram app (5.1.4)
  • Follow: You can follow others same like Instagram app

Android is only the platform which provides lots of features in the world of smartphones .You just need is Instwogram app to use multiple Whatsapp account in your android phone.By this app you can easily add two account of instagram in your android device and there is no need of rooting an android to do so.


1. Some users having problem with Facebook account linking with instwogram application. Follow below simple steps to get it work.

2. First install official Facebook app in your mobile.

3. Download the latest instwogram app from above given link.

4. Now login to your FB account, go to account setting –>apps –> Instagram –> and remove Instagram from it.

5.Open instwogram, share a picture on it and login to your Facebook account.

6. You will be successfully linked to your Facebook account with instwogram.

So above is the method for How to Run and Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts in Android. By this you can easily use two Instagram in your single android device.

You will get all new followers in other account and can share all your pictures and videos with your friends and can have fun over social media sharing over Facebook and other popular sites.

Don’t forget to share this cool post with your friends and leave a comment below if you face any problem while managing multiple Instagram accounts in your account.


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