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11 Best Software and Apps to Root your Android Phone in One Click

Root Android Phone

Many People asked me How to Root Android Phone and I have already written more than 3 Articles and Now you may be thinking If i have already written about this then Why are you writing again here. Well in earlier Articles I have written about particular Apps that helps to Root Android But Here I am gonna Show you all the Apps that can Root Android Phone Because one App may Fails to Root, Another App may fails too But not All. Before continue, I recommends to you that you must read Advantage and Disadvantage of Rooting Android.

Rooting is the Android equivalent of jailbreaking, a means of unlocking the operating system so you can install unapproved (by Google) apps, update the OS, replace the firmware, overclock (or underclock) the processor, customize just about anything, and so on.

Best Way to Root Android Phone

Of course, for the average user, rooting sounds like — and can be — a scary process. After all, “rooting” around in your smartphone’s core software might seem like a recipe for disaster. One wrong move and you could end up with bricked handset.

Now Let’s continue the Topic and Here I have selected Best Apps and Software that Can help you to root your Android Smartphone in one Click.

Note: Most of Them App I have Compressed So If you want to use then then Simple Extract the APK files from Zip.

1. Framaroot

Now you can Root Android Phone without PC, just use framaroot. This app including several exploits named as the heroes of the book “The Lord of the Rings” Gandalf, Boromir, Pippin, Legolas, Sam, Frodo, Aragorn and Gimli. You can install Superuser and su binary on phone or tablet from android version 2.x to 4.x.

Framaroot Application is one of the best tool that allows you to root your android device running from android 2.3 to 4.2.2 in a single click

Note: If you don’t know How to use Framaroot then Simple Read this Article.

2. KingRoot

KingRoot is the easiest one click rooting software/apk/EXE with highest success rate. Boost your Android Device now by rooting it with KingRoot!

KingRoot is a root tool for “lazy people” who just want to get root access but don’t want to flash any third party Recovery into their lovely device. It can work on almost all device from Android 2.x – 5.0. Working of KingRoot based on system exploit. The most suitable Root strategy will be deployed from cloud to your device according to your ROM information. So, it’s necessary to keep net connection during root process.

What’s more, KingRoot(app) will not trip Samsung KNOX and have ability to close Sony_RIC perfectly. Meanwhile, unroot operation also can be done easily by just click the button in the menu of KingRoot.

KingRoot is Build for Android and PC too. If Android Version does not work for you then Simple Download PC Software to Root your Android by using your PC.

3. RomasterSu

RomasterSu is another Best tool to Root Android Smartphone in Single Click. What you have to do is just Download the RomasterSu App, Install on your Android phone, Open the app and Then Click On Root Options.

4. Root Master

Rootmaster apk is simple and fast. Root master v2.1.1 is the latest version.Android rootmaster download supports rooting devices of different brands.

Rootmaster has Both PC Software and Android App to Root Android Phone. As I have already said PC Version is More stronger then Android Apps.

5. Towelroot

Towelroot is a small tool (so small that it takes up just 100 kilobytes) that allows you to Root Android Phone in just a few seconds, all by installing the APK and pressing a button. Yes, you read that right: no convoluted processes in which you have to connect your Android to a computer, then reset it, etc. All you have to do is tap a button, and it’s done.

This app is developed by the popular developer and hacker Geohot, who has found vulnerabilities in Apple devices (the iPhone) and Sony (the Playstation 3, to be exact). That is to say, this app comes with the best guarantee possible.

Once you have the application installed on your device, just run it and tap the button that says ‘make it ra1n’. In just a moment, without even having to restart, your Android phone will be perfectly rooted.

Towelroot is currently one of the best alternatives that you can find to root your Samsung Galaxy S5 or S4. It can also root a Nexus 4 or 5, and other models, too. In short, if you want to root a device, this is the best option.

6. Universal Androot

Root your device with Universal Androot Android app. Download APK file below and install the app on your device to get your device rooted in no time. Universal Androot app requires Superuser or SuperSU app to be pre-installed on your device.

7. Z4Root

Among others, Z4Root is another popular rooting application for Android operating phones and tablets. In comparison to other rooting applications like Root Master and Kingroot, Z4Root is much more convenient in the fact that it is 100% free on the app store. It is a light weight application and doesn’t require a lot of free space on your device. It is also downloaded easily and operated smoothly as well.

It has a higher success ratio than the other rooting applications. It is free of ads and therefore you can use your phone or tablet without any hindrances. It is very simple and straightforward in its operation and everyone can make use of it effortlessly without getting stuck.

Z4 Root updates its application in intervals therefore you get the latest and most refined form of the rooting app always available at the tip of your finger. In the recent modifications, Z4 Root focuses more on the security of your phone or tablet than other things thus made more secure.

Disclaimer: Z4Root may void the warranty of your Android phone or tablet by enabling root access over there. Try it on your own risk. Stated earlier that rooting is an advance operation which may create security and stability issues on your Android device. So before downloading and using Z4Root, you must understand what rooting is and what changes may Z4Root make.

8. One Click Root

One Click Root is the smartest android rooting software available. Just one click and you can root your android device to harness its full potential.

9. Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor is a GUI tool for working with mobile devices. It has features already, but is still very much a work-in-progress. It is developed by saurik (Twitter and website).

Right now, its key feature is an end-to-end exploit of the Android “Master Key” vulnerability, allowing a user to obtain root access on many Android devices (including Glass and TV).

10. iRoot

iRoot is the easiest and fastest Android rooting software. Just with one click, you can get a customizable and handy Android device in hand.

Like Others, It can be used in PC and Android to Root your Android Smartphone.

11. RootGenius

Root your Android phone with just one click. Root Genius is a quick root tool which supports more than 10000 android phone models now

Root Genius is the best tool for root any Android smartphone or tablet PC. Root Genius 1.8.7 supported more than 10000 Android devices. Root Genius windows version doesn’t require any installation on your PC. Simply download rootgenius and run while your device connected to the PC. The latest update Root 3.1.7 is only available with Chinese interface and Root genius apk is also available for direct download on Android smartphones.

So this Tutorial is about Software and Apps that can help you to Root Android Smartphone. Please do share with your Friends on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Other Social Media. and Let me Know in the Comment Section If you have another Tools and Apps to Root Android Phone.


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