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How To Reveal The Password Hidden Behind Asterisks

Reveal Password

In this tutorial i am going to show you How To Reveal Password Hidden Behind Asterisks, so lets assume that you forget your password of your YouTube account and its saved in the browser and you want to open your YouTube account in the other web browser then you can easily get the passwords which is hidden behind the asterisks.

Reveal Password Hidden Behind Asterisks

If you are using the Mozilla Firefox then you can get the Password Hidden Behind Asterisks in two ways the fist one is to go to the option and one window will open then simply select the security and you can find one option named “Saved Password” just click there and then you can find the lists of ID and passwords which are saved in the Mozilla Firefox and then simply click on the show passwords and it will show all the passwords saved in the Web Browser.

YouTube Login Page

So the 2nd way will work for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome 🙂 so just open any login page where the password is saved and you want to get the password.

inspect element with firebug

Now just select the password and right click and then go to inspect element with firebug.

change the type from password to text

Now it will open the source code and now just change the type from password to text and then simply hit Enter.

change the type from password to text

like this and then just look at your Login forum.

YouTube Login

Now you can see its showing the Password Hidden Behind Asterisks 🙂 if you have enjoyed this then share it with your friends 🙂


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