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How to Resize Image without losing Quality

Resize Image

Today we are here with the method to resize photos free without losing Quality. In windows and other operating system we resize image with the software’s like paint etc or any other third party software which reduces the size of image but the pixel quality get reduces to high extent. So in this post we will be discussing on the same issue and we will be telling the simple and easy method by which you can easily Resize Image without losing Quality. Just follow up the below post to proceed. resize photos free ?

How to Resize Image without losing Quality

Generally people hate the website which loads slower as no one have extra single minute to waste. So you have to Resize Image without losing Quality that you have inserted in your website to attract the user towards your website.

So below i have listed some of the best online portals that will help you to Resize Image without losing Quality.

Online Tools To Resize Images Without Losing Quality


In this website you just have to upload your image from your computer and then you will set your image output according to your wish and this tools will resize the image accordingly without loosing its quality.


In this website you can only resize the png format images. As this site resize any of png file to great extent without loosing or altering its quality.


This is an online application which can easily some of the image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, SIV etc without altering the image quality.

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This is one of the best portal to Resize Image without losing Quality as this give the much option on uploading the picture, as the slider gets appears when you upload an image from your computer.


This is the one of the best and most popular online app to Resize Image without losing Quality. This app is present with an up-loader as well as URL box to have the image and there will be the box to enter the image quality you want to set to resize an image.

Desktop Tools To Resize Images Without Loosing Its Quality

If you want to compress or resize images offline on your desktop then you must go for PNG Gauntlet. For this you must have Windows framework 4.0 installed in your computer.This is the bset software that will covert any of your image easily without loosing its quality.

So above is all about How to Resize Images Without Loosing Its Quality. By this method you can easily resize any of the image from your computer without loosing its pixels quality and can attract the user by loading your website more faster.

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