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How to Remove the Emergency Call Button from Android Lock Screen

Remove Emergency Call Button from Android

Emergency Call Button in smartphone lock screen are specially inbuilt to access some of the emergency number that you need at the time of emergency when you don’t even have time to unlock the device. Like the numbers 100 and 911 etc are accessible but sometime this may cause trouble for you, as some of children while playing with your android can dial these numbers and also sometime android in pocket, these buttons got pressed. So to avoid this all you can simply remove this button from your lock screen. And that a very easy task and you can easily do that by following up our complete guide discussed below.

How to Remove Emergency Call Button from Android

Here i am discussing two different method, one for the rooted android and another for non rooted android. You can pickup any of the one that you like. So proceed with these methods below.

Removing Emergency Call Button In Non Rooted Android

In this you will using a app that will let your to customize your android lock screen according to your wish without rooting your android devices.

Steps to Remove Emergency Call Button from Android

1. First of all you need to download and install cool locking app that is Hi Locker – Your Lock Screen.

Hi Locker - Your Lock Screen

2. Launch the app after installing in your device and then it will ask you to turn off the default lock screen and set this up in the default.

Hi Locker - Lock Screen

3. That’s it with this you will not having emergency button in lock screen and also you can avoid the dialing of annoying number there.

The above method is not that sufficient for some security reasons, so better to go for the below method.

Removing Emergency Call Button In Rooted Android

I have have already written many articles about Android rooting and for this method you have to root android phone but before rooting android i recommended to read advantage and disadvantage of rooting android phone. If given method doesn’t work then try out these best android rooting apps and software.

Steps to Remove Emergency Call Button from Android

1.First of all you need to download and install Xposed Installer in your android device that will only work if your android is rooted.
2. Now you need to get the module Lockscreen Tweak Box in your android device.
3. Now open the module and there simply tick on Hide Emergency Call option.

Hide Emergency Call

4. That’s it you are done, Emergency call option will now get disable from your lock screen and no one can access it.

So above is all about How to Remove Emergency Call Button from Android Lock Screen. With this method you can easily remove out the emergency call button from your android lock screen that sometime cause trouble for you when children start playing with it or the numbers get pressed in your pockets.

So use the method and disable it from your lock screen. Hope you like this cool solution, keep sharing with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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