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How to Remotely Delete Personal Data from Stolen Android Phone

Delete Personal Data

When your android get lost sometime data in it is more important then the Android itself. As the data can be sensitive one that you never want to share with others like your personal images, videos and lots more. So for this we have a way by which you can Remotely Delete Personal Data when you Lost Android Phone. You just have to follow the simple guide below to proceed.

Remotely Delete Personal Data from Lost Android Phone

The method to set up this is very simple and you can do this your any android device. In this you will be setting your Android Device Manager to remotely access your device to do the respective changes. So follow up the steps below to proceed with setting this that you probably need in your future.

Steps To Erase Android Data Remotely

1. First of all go to the Google Settings app in your android and click on “Android Device Manager” at the bottom.
2. Select the box “Allow remote lock and factory reset.”

Allow remote lock and factory reset

3. Now check that the “Remotely locate this device” button should already be clicked. If not then click on it.
4. There also check “Allow remote lock and factory reset.” A pop up will appear asking for permission to wipe your device. Grant permission for it.
5. Now sign into your Google account and go to the Android Device Manager there.
6. Now go back to Settings -> Security -> Phone Administrators and make sure that “Android Device Manager” is checked.

Android Device Manager

7. Now go to Android Device Manager website and select that device you want to sync from the list of devices associated with your google account.
8. There you will see options to “ring,” “lock” and “erase” the device.

Android Device Manager

9. Select lock screen if you want to lock device with new password.
10. Now select the erase button there and popup will appear asking reset your phone, agree it if you want to erase data of your lost android.

So above is all about to Remotely Delete Personal Data from Stolen Android Phone. With this method you can easily protect your data being illegally accessed by any wrong hands when your device is lost or being stolen.

Hope you like this, do share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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