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How To Overclock Android To Boost Performance Instantly

You can actually boost Android Performance using Overclocking Apps. This can only be done by having super user access on your device. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to Overclock Android To Boost Performance Instantly.

There are many factors that can be responsible for the slow down android speed like it can be due to low memory, RAM and any other problem like viruses and many much more other factors. But the major one is limited CPU clocking speed which is directly responsible for your android performance.

How To Overclock Android

Overclocking CPU means increasing the CPU switching speed more than the maximum limit and this will boost up your android performance by fast switching CPU. And this can be easily done with a cool app that will work with rooted android. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Note:- Clocking CPU speed much can result in overheating your device and also this process can even damage your processor permanently. So do it at your own risk as we will be not responsible for anything mis-happened.

Steps To Overclock CPU Switching on Android To Boost Android Speed

1. First of all you need a rooted android.
2. Now after rooting your android, now you have superuser access and is able to run the cool app that is SetCPU for Root Users that you will download and install on your android device.
3. Now after installing launch the app and give it Superuser access.
4. Now after this you have to allow the app to scan the available speeds of processor.
5. After detection you have to balance both the minimum and the maximum speed for your android CPU switching.

CPU switching

6. Don’t click on Bot on Set until you feel that the speed are stable, as doing this can harm your android.

Bot on Set

7. Now after this you will be setting the time on which you want to start CPU overclocking in your android.

start CPU overclocking

8. That’s it you are done, now your android CPU is successfully clocked and will get boost up in its performance.

So above is all about Overclock Android To Boost Performance, This is the real android hack that will work after rooting android phone that will surely boost up your CPU speed and you can now do multitasking very easily in your android.

Hope you like this cool trick, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with any of the step discussed above.


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