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How to Minimize Your Android Phone Data Usage

Android Data Usage

Today almost Everyone use Internet in their Android Phone and While using you Browse, Download and Upload Internet Packets from your Server that Consumes Data that Provide to use by your ISPs. But while Browsing in Android Phone the much Data is Consumed as Compared to the Normal Mobile Internet Browsing this is Because of the Apps Installed in Android Device that always Consumes data and can Maximize your Data Usage on your Android. So for this we have How to Minimize Your Android Data Usage. This method will helps you to Reduce your Data Usage and you can save your Money being Charged on this Extra Usage.

Reduce Android Data Usage

In this post I will discuss some suggestions that will helps you to Reduce your Internet Data Usage in your Android Phone and which will save your Android Data Usage and even Battery Life too. So proceed with the tips below.

#1 Use Opera Max

Opera Max

This app encrypts data for all apps on your device when you’re connected to a mobile data network and all the server request gets through the opera server which reduces data usage and allowance for any untrusted application in your android device. So must download and install this app in your android and save your data and battery.

#2 Use Onavo Extend

Onavo Extend

This company is owned by Facebook and it provides data encryption in your android device. This reduces lots of data usage but this app doesn’t allow online videos on your android device. So we recommend you the Opera Max over this app in your android to minimize data consumption.

#3 Chrome’s Reduce Data Usage Feature

In Google Chrome Android browser there is inbuilt feature to minimize the data consumption while browsing in it which you can activate through below steps.

  • First tap on the Menu Button, and then Settings.
  • Navigate to Bandwidth Management
  • Reduce Data Isage and Enable Reduce Data Usage feature.

Chrome’s Reduce Data Usage Feature

#4 Use Opera Mini

Opera Mini

Opera mini is the best option to minimize data consumption on your android device as it is only the app that uses only required packets of data to browse a page. So must use it in your android and save up your data.

#5 Restrict Background Usage

If you restrict background data usage in your android then all the apps that consumes data in background will not able to use it and this will save your battery and internet data in your android. Just follow some steps below.

  • First of all open Settings > Mobile Networks > Data Usage.
  • Now there click on Right Top Three Dotted button and click Restrict Background Data Usage.

Restrict Background Usage

So above are all about How to Minimize Your Android Data Usage. With these tips above you can easily minimize your data usage to great extent and let you to save your extra charges on much data usage and also saves your battery life of android.

Hope you like our work, don’t forget to share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you know more useful alternative way for this.


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