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10 Best Websites to Learn Coding Online

Learn Coding Online

Many people want to learn coding ,but due to busy life schedule they are unable to go somewhere and learn programming. But now there is a option, you can Learn Coding Online. There are many websites on internet today which fully guides us how to code with a very interactive interface. We can easily learn coding from these websites in our free time.

Learn Coding Online

The major benefits of this learning is that there is no need to go anywhere and learn at a fix time ,you just have to spend about 20-30 minutes daily to start with a new programming language.So in this post i will tell you the Best Websites To Learn Programming Online 2015.These websites will be very helpful to you and you will learn new things daily by just sitting at your home.

Here is Best Websites To Learn Coding Online :-

#1 W3schools

W3schools.com is the one of the most famous websites to learn each and every type of programming language including web based, desktop based and database languages. It offer all these courses for free to Learn Programming Online. According to me W2schools is best platform to start learning from very basic level to advance level of a particular course. It divide the course into chapters and Coding Editor is also available for practicing at the end of every chapter to test your skills. Upon visiting the main page, you just have to choose the course of your choice for free and start learning.

W3school offer following courses :

HTML Graphics
Server Side
XML Tutorials
WEB Building Web Building

#2 Codecademy

Codecademy is indisputably the most famous website to teach you to code interactively and we really thanks to its helpful interface and well-structured courses that are available there. By visiting the main page, you can already start tasting the programming right away, with its motivating on-screen console and interface.You can pick a course that Codecademy offers from Web Fundamentals, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby and APIs and many much more.

#3 Treehouse

Treehouse courses are more project-oriented than language-oriented, so they are perfect for novice programmer with a planned purposes such as building a website, or an application of it.This website has huge crowd of users that visit the site daily.

#4 Code Avengers

This is an another Best Website To Learn Programming .This website is designed to make you love programming and though it only offers HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript course for now, each of the courses is carefully designed to truly entertain you while leveling your programming skills painlessly and make you expertise in that languages.

#5 Udacity

Udacity is the unification of insightful video lectures and improved quizzes to achieve the interactive feel for students, so it’s ideal for those who don’t like to read but rather get explanations from industry professionals such as Google employees and many more professionals.

#6 Khan Academy

Although Khan Academy’s courses are not as structured as CodeHS which i have listed below but it serves as an open playground for both novice and amateurs particularly interested in learning drawing, animation and user interaction with coding technique.

#7 Code School

After you finished courses in Codecademy or Code Avengers, and you are ready to further expand your capabilities, Code School is the best place to move on and have most interactive learning sites, Code School offers more in-depth courses to train and turn you into an expert with the industry’s best practices in it.

#8 CodeHS

At this point all websites you read here are mainly dedicated to web development and computer science, but CodeHS is one with simple and fun game programming lessons that involve problem solving, JavaScript, animation, data structures, game design and puzzle challenges and many much more.

#9 Scratch 2.0

This is one the Best Website To Learn Programming .As CodeHS and Khan Academy are still too hardcore for your child, who has no comprehension beyond basic English?Don’t worry, there is something even easier for your aspiring next-gen programmer, and it’s called Scratch 2.0 .


SQL stands for Structured Query Language which means storing and retrieving the data and this website mainly focuses on the teaching the creation and fetching the databases.

So above are the Best Websites To Learn Coding Online. By these awesome websites you can easily learn any programming language in a professional ways and can become a programmer by just sitting at home and learning from these websites.

You can create new things and can make your name. Don’t forget to share this post. Leave a comment below if you create anything new by learning from these sites.


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