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How to Restore iPhone from iTunes

iTunes iPhone Restore

There are many methods to restore your iPhone like I have discussed 4 Methods to restore iPhone, If you have made already a Backup of your iPhone data.  In this tutorial I am gonna show you some steps to restore your iPhone from iTune so just follow the steps bellow.

How to Restore iPhone from iTunes

In this method we will recovering all our iphone data from the itunes software of computer. In this app we select the previous backup file to restore all the data.Just follow the below steps to proceed.

Steps to Restore iPhone from iTunes

  1. First of all open iTunes on your computer and prevent the program from automatically synchronizing with your iPhone by going to the Edit menu, and then to Settings of device. And when that window opens, choose Devices and check the box next to the option stating “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically” there.
  2. Now connect your phone with computer with usb cable and wait for computer to detect your device.
  3. Now in iTunes go to File menu and select devices and from there, choose the “Restore from Back up” option. This will work only if you has previously backup your iPhone with itunes.
  4. Now allow the contents to be download on your device by selecting the Download Only option .
  5. That’s it all your data will be restored to the earlier date of your backup.

So above are the methods for How to Restore iPhone from iTunes. By using this method you will easily restore or retrieve back all your data that you have lost accidentally or by any other facts. You just have to download your previous backup data by all the above methods.

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