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How To Check iPhone Data Usage and Check Internet Usage

iPhone Data Usage

As we know apple(ios) is very much popular in all over the world and more than billion of people are using apple devices today. Now smart device like iPhone are now most popular in mobile world and almost all user use internet on their iPhone but many of them don’t know about checking iPhone Data Usage.

So today we are discussing on same. The method to check internet usage on iPhone device is very easy and simple. You just have to follow some of the simple steps that i have discussed in this post. Just follow up the below content to proceed.

Check iPhone Data Usage

By tracking your data usage in your iPhone you can easily manages your data limits and can save the money which you have to pay after exceeding certain data limits. So just follow up the below simple steps to Check Data Usage On Your iPhone device.

Steps To Check Data Usage On Your iPhone device

  1. First of all open your iPhone device.
  2. Now at the home screen tap on the settings option.
  3. Now you will see cellular option there in the settings.
  4. Now there just scroll down to the Cellular Data Usage section and you will see your data usage here. Now always remember that the Current Period doesn’t automatically reset in your device. Therefore if you want the accurate results from it then you have to reset the data usages there.
  5. Now scroll down to the bottom of page and tap on Reset Statistics if you want to reset your data usages there.
  6. Now every time you subscribe or use a limited data network must clear it up to get the idea of Internet data being used in iPhone.
  7. That’s it, now you can manage all your data limits according to your wish.

So above is all about How To Check Data Usage On Your iPhone device. By this method you can save your extra money that you sometime waste on exceeding data usage limits and this method will completely help you to manage all your data limits. Remember that you must reset the data usages time to time for better management.

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