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How to Install Sony Stamina Mode on any Android Smartphone

Sony Xperia Power Saving Stamina Mode

Till now you must had tried lots of things to boost your battery backup or calibrate android battery. We also had shared some of the best tricks to have maximum battery backup in your android and you must know about Stamina Mode of Xperia mobile that is by default there pre-installed in Sony devices.

This is the best app with advance features to save battery life of android, but this app is only there in Sony android and you can’t send it on your android device. But here is a cool method by which you can actually have this cool app in your android too.

Yes, its possible and that too by following some simple guide here. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Sony Xperia Power Saving Stamina Mode for any Android

The method is quite simple and just need a rooted android device that will allow Xposed installer to run on device. And after having Xposed installer you will be using a Xposed module to have advanced power Saving Stamina mode of Xperia in your android. For this follow the guide below.

Steps To Have Stamina Mode On Any Android

1. First of all you need a rooted android phone as Xposed installer can only be installed on a rooted android, so Root android phone to proceed for having super user access on your android.
2. After rooting your android device you have to install the Xposed installer on your android and that’s quite lengthy process and for that you can proceed with our Guide to Install Xposed Installer On Android.


3. Now after having Xposed framework on your android the only thing you need is the Xposed module that is Power 4. Nap to get the app, please request to join the Alpha tester community and then opt-in to become a tester once you are part of the community.
5. Now install the app on your device and after that you need to activate the module in Xposed installer.


6. Now there activate the mode and then you need to enter the minimum battery percent to activate this feature.


7. Now edit the power changes that will take place that you see in the app like Endurance mode and low battery mode like Xperia devices.
8. That’s it your are done, now you have Stamina mode like feature in your android to have maximum battery life in your android.

So above is all about How To Have Xperia Like Power Saving Stamina Mode On Any Android, With this you can easily have a advance cool power saving option like xperia devices in any of your android to save up battery consumption to maximum.

So try this out today. Hope you like this, keep on sharing. Comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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