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How To Update Google Play Store

How To Update Google Play Store

I’m going to share How To Update Google Play Store: Google Play Store is the pre-installed app on every Android phone which provides lots of awesome apps, games, books, newsletters, movies and much more.

How To Update Google Play Store

In this app there are world’s top apps for android and you can download many of them for free also. Google gives the update of this app by time to time and Updating this app is very easy job. It takes arround 20-30 second to do so. No one may now how to update the Google Play Store app. But in this post i will tell you a very simple way to update this app.

Why To Update Google Play Store ?

There is always a need to update every app to its new version because a new version provides more features than a previous version ,Sane is with the Google Play Store. The main feature to update this app are:-

  • It can fix Google Play Store Errors.
  • A new version always have some new attractive look which make your android looks good.
  • Updating this app makes the browsing speed faster in this app.

Now lets have a look on the method to Update Google Play Store.

Steps to Update Google Play Store

  1. Open the Google Play Store in your android device.
  2. Swipe from left to right in the app.
  3. Now you will see list of options there.
  4. Click on settings there.
  5. Now scroll down at last and click on Build Number.
  6. Now as soon as you click the build number a pop up will appear.
  7. If your app is up to date then it will Show the message “Google Play Store is up to date“.
  8. If not then it will display the latest version to install.
  9. Click on that latest version and your app will get automatically updated. 🙂

That’s it by this your Google Play Store will get Updated manually if it not get update by automatically. Other alternative to this method is by downloading apk file of latest version of Google Play Store and install it in your android.

But note that download the apks only from some certified websites because there may be some viruses are submerged with these apk files which can harm your device and can even slows down your android and can spoof you data.

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