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How to Install IOS on Android Smartphone [ 15 Best Apps ]

How to Install IOS on Android

Everybody has craze about iPhone, iOS because user interface is very amazing so everyone want it, don’t worry today i’m talking about how to install iOS 8 on Android. Some People can’t afford this costly product. So, as everybody knows that android is getting popular day by day due to it’s customization.

So, if you are android user who want to install iOS 8 on android and convert android into iOS 8. We are not here porting system files to make transform android into iOS. I am simply going to tell you the best apps, launchers to covert you smart android into iOS.

How to Install IOS on Android

#1 Espier Launcher 7

Espier Launcher 7 is the flat-style edition of the best and the most popular Apple style home screen app for Android devices. In this edition, you can experience the perfect Android implementation of Apple’s flat style font, layout, search page, and animations. Now, you can feel the simplicity on your Android devices.

#2 iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD

The is simple lock screen of iOS 7 can be had on your Android with this app, you get the flat style lock screen with the parallax effect to boot, the camera launcher, sliding to unlock and passcode. This locker updated with the latest lock screen security. This app will lock your screen with two different layers of securities.

#3 Espier Notifications 7

Espier Notifications 7 is a flat style personalized status bar, notification page, and notification management plugin for Espier Launcher 7. Espier Notifications 7 can help you to manage the notifications sent by apps to the status bar or the notification page. It can make your status bar and notification page clear and uniform, and enhance the visual effects of your Android device’s notification display.

#4 Control Center 7

Espier Control Center 7 is a plugin for Espier Launcher 7 (or Espier Launcher). This app can help you to rapidly control the system functions such as Airplane Mode, WiFi, Wireless, Bluetooth, and so on. It can also help you to quick launch some tool apps, such as flashlight, clock, calculator, and camera.

#5 Espier Dialer 7

Espier Dialer 7 is the best dialer and contacts app for Android phone in Apple’s flat style. This app allows you to experience the contacts management and the call management in Apple’s flat style on your Android mobile phone.

#6 Other Apps

1. Boot Animation                            [ Download ]
2. Currency Converter App              [ Download ]
3. iLauncher                                     [ Download ]
4. iNoty                                           [ Download ]
5. iOS 7 Browser                             [ Download ]
6. iOS 7 Calculator                          [ Download ]
7. iOS7 Memo                                 [ Download ]
8. iOS Gallery                                  [ Download ]
9. A.I.type Keyboard                       [ Download ]
10.iOS 7 Music                                 [ Download ]

NOTE: First of all download and install very thing on your android mobile. Then click your Home Button A little Pop-up will come which will show which launcher. Select  Espier Launcher 7 and select Always.

So above is about, How to Install IOS on Android, by using above apps you can transform your android into iOS 7 running device. I hope this helped you a lot. If you are facing any problem just comment it below.


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