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How To Perfectly Hide IP Address on Windows PC and Smartphone

Hide IP Address

Today, There are lots of people that are using internet in their daily life. In this world wide web, there are many organizations are made to look after this world’s huge network. Because in this network, illegal activities can also happen which may include hacking and terrorism and lots more that common person can’t imagine. So there are some spy organizations which are made to track the users which are using internet in their devices. The main tracking of the users are through their IP address that’s why we need to Hide IP Address to protect our privacy.

How to Hide IP Address

Before continue this topic, You need to understand, What is IP Address and Why We need to hide that IP Address. Don’t worry it’s not complected to understand.

What is IP Address ?

IP is Internet Protocol Address .This a an address which is assigned to every device connected to internet over the world. IP address of all the user are unique but this IP address is not static that is it get changes whenever any device get disconnected from an internet server. Every time a unique IP address get assigned to a device whenever it gets connected to internet server. By IP address we can trace the user by tracing its location, Internet Service Provider(ISP) and some of users details.

Why people hide their IP address ?

  • To hide their geographical location.
  • Prevent Web tracking.
  • Avoid leaving a digital footprint.
  • Bypass blocked sites on their IP address.

Note:- Hiding IP address doesn’t means that no one can track you, so use this method at your own risk.

The method is very simple and depends on some of the tools that provides you the virtual private network that allow you to hides your current network details for the temporary time. So for both the PC and smartphone you will be using the VPN services and will hide your IP address for your security.

Hiding IP Address on Windows PC

There are some web proxy sites like Proxify, Anonymouse or HideMyAss. By using these sites you can easily have a secure access over internet .These proxy site gives alternative IP address of the site which you want to browse anonymously on Internet. But there are some drawbacks of these proxies as the browsing speed can be slow and sometime some media content are not accessible and also sometime some sites won’t get open on these proxies. and are some sites which update proxy list (alternative IP’s) of all popular websites by time to time.

Hiding IP Address on Android Devices

Here you will be using a VPN Apps that will allow you to hide your current IP address and that will change the address that currently being displayed on the network to which you are connected. Just use the app that had given below.

Hideman VPN Free For Android

Hide My IP

Use these VPN in your Android and hide IP address easily.

Hiding IP Address on iPhone

Below is the one of the best VPN that you can use to hide ip address in your iPhone. Use this and unblock the blocked apps on your school/college WiFi network.

VPN by SurfEasy

VPN Express


So above are the ways for How To Perfectly Hide IP Address In PC & Smartphone. With these methods you can easily hide IP address on both your windows PC and your android and cam even Access blocked sites and so lots that can hide you on internet.

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