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How to Hide Calls and Texts from Specific People on Android Device

Hide Calls and Texts

Privacy is the first priority for Everyone whether they are using Smartphone, Computer or Anything. Smartphones are the part of our life now. It also stores our personal data’s that must be secure from unauthorized access or unwanted people. Calls and Texts are one of them so We also need to Secure or Hide Calls and Texts on Smartphones to protect yourself.

So Here is a way by which you can create a different account setup with limited access for the other users that want to access your Android Smartphone and with that you can easily hide calls and texts and some other important things for some people to whose you don’t want to share your personal details. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

How To Hide Calls and Texts on Android

The method is very simple and easy and depends on a cool android app that will allow you to lock your all calls records, text messages records and will display an empty files there and the user checking all these will think that these records are not actually present in that device and in that way your privacy will be ensure. So follow up the steps below to proceed.

Steps To Hide Calls and Texts from Specific Users on Android Device

1. First of all you need to download and install an android app that is Shady Contacts that is the easiest way to ensure the privacy on your device.
2. Now after installing the app launch it in your device, and there on the screen you will see the button continue, simply tap on that button to move to the next screen.
3. Now on the next screen you just need to setup a pattern for your security that will allow only selected user to access your android data.

setup pattern for your security

4. And on next you will be reconfirming that pattern again.
5. Now on the next tab you will be under call section where you will be setting up privacy of your calls logs details.
6. Now you need to tick on the contacts option on the next page where you will allowing or disallowing Numbers not in Phonebook.

Numbers not in Phonebook

7. Now you will be selecting the contacts whose details you want to hide from your call records and that will be not displaying the call record details of your Android.

Hide call record details

8. Now simply tap on save button and that’s it you are done, Now your privacy is secure and all the selected contacts and messages will be hidden from the other users.

So above is all about Hide Calls and Texts from Specific People on Android. With these method selected contacts will be not displayed in android call records and also in message details and with this your privacy will be ensure easily.

Hope you like this cool solution, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with the complete guide discussed above.


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