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10 Best Cydia Apps to Hack WiFi Password on iPhone

Hack WiFi Password

Today there are many mobile users that use iphone today and many of them are now jailbreak their iphone and are using cydia app to customize the interface and to unlock hardware restriction of the iphone and now in this post will tell you a very interesting trick that you can implement after installing cydia apps in your iphone. This trick is about hacking wifi passwords through your iphone by using cydia app, yes it is possible as by jailbreak your iphone there are many hidden features that are get enable which even many of you don’t know and in this post i will be discussing one of them.

List of Best Cydia Apps to Hack WiFi Password on iPhone

Below i have listed the best cydia apps by which you can decrypt the wifi password of wifi and can easily access any other’s network. I have selected these apps according to their actual working and on the expert reviews about the apps. Just download and install these apps and have fun over wifi networks.

1. SpeedTouched

Simliar to iwepPro this app is very effective for cracking passwords of wifi, as this app is designed and launched by the expert developers and there is a rainbow file of 100 mb which you have to download in your device to decrypt the crypted passwords of wifi.

2. WLAN Audit

This app is simliar to the app above it can only find the key to WLAN and WiFi routerswhich are found in Spain and can also work in some of the other countries. This app is free of cost and you can download and install and crack wifi passwords.

3. WiFi Analyzer

This app is very useful app to show you the every WiFi network within the range, much more than the iphone normally displays hidden networks, router brand, rates & MAC address which is needed to use some of the apps listed above.

4, IWep Pro

IWep Pro is one of the best cydia app which just scan for wifi networks this app show you the wifi networks whose passwords can be found. It will scan the possible passwords until it finds the right one over the network. You need to add this source code to Cydia (Open Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add).

5. WiFi2Me

WiFi2Me is an another WiFi password hacking app that is similar to the another apps liste above which works well on WiFi routers. And you will only need to enter thenetwork SSID because it will not automatically finds the password.

More Cydia apps to hack WiFi

1. WPA Tester by Paolo Arduin

This App is also the good app to test the wifi penetration on wifi networks

2. dlssid

dlssid is an iphone hacker app for Dlink routers that area unit found in nearly each country within the world.

3. dessid: WiFi Decryptor

This app will help you find the default WEP/WPA key to ‘Eircom’ routers which are found in Ireland.

4. Universal WPA Finder

This app is available from Installous and works with ‘Alice’ and ‘Fastweb’ routers which are found in Italy and some of another countries.

5. Pirni Pro

Pirni Pro cydia App does not find passwords to WiFi routers.

Note:- All content are intended for Security Research Purpose and should not be used illegaly. In our tutorials we only EVER hack our own systems as a proof of concept and never engage in any black hat activity. Every post here is for your online security, safety or for awareness, and we do not teach hacking through our articles, If you know how to Hack, you must know how to Secure and We provides you another chance to Create Something Best and More Stronger. if you find something which is being used to damage your online property or something like that,


So above are the Best Cydia Apps To Hack Wifi Passwords. By these apps you can easily crack wifi passwords using your iphone with the use of cydia privilege and you can use wifi network of others and also you can test the securities of various wifi networks by scaaning and testing through these apps. Hope you like the post and don’t forget to share this post. Leave a commnet below about your experience with these apps.


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