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How To Find Your Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

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Sometime We misplaced and forget our Android Phones somewhere but It’s easy to Find Android Phone using your friends phone. Now assume, What happened If your phone is in Silent Mode. How will you find your phone ? Don’t Worry, I have simple and Easy solution for it but Instead of It If your Lost Android Phone then this method may or may not work but You can track Android Phone and Also Erase Personal Data Remotely to Protect yourself like I have already said in my previous Article.

How To Find Android Phone

Android is a pretty smart device which implements lots of feature for its user. An Android operating system is most extensively used in the world. And there are lots of Cool apps that is being developed to run on this OS that makes it more user-friendly.

In this post, i will be discussing one of them that is the way to find your smartphone on silent mode which depends on a cool app that will do this work. So let’s proceed with How To Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode. You just have to follow a simple method discussed below.

In this method, you will set up your android to ring up with a specific message that will set by an android app given below and which will help you to find your phone all around you when it is on silent mode. So proceed with some simple steps below.

Steps to Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

1. First of all, you need to download and install a Cool Android App for this work that is Ring My Droid.
2. After installing it in your android open the app, in your device.
3. Now in the app, you will see the screen asking Set the key Phrase which is just a secret message that will ring up your android when it get received on your device.

Set the key Phrase

4. Now after entering the key phrase click on set and now whenever your android get’s lost in silent mode you just need to send an SMS holding that secret phrase to your Android and it will start ringing.

send an SMS

5. And when you find you android just open the app and click on button found phone to stop it ringing.

found phone

6. That’s it! you are done, now you can find your android device even when it is on silent mode and you misplace it as such.

This Article is about to Find Android phone When it is in Silent Mode. This Method will always work for you whenever you misplaced your Android Devices.

I Hope you like this Article and Please don’t forget to share with your friends and Do comment’s below if you have any queries.


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